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June 1, 2013 / subramanyam

MBA is not about Money,Blazer, Arrogance :: A review

          Even before you read this piece, let me ask you a question. Were/are you an MBA aspirant ?  Ok, even if you were not an  MBA aspirant , did you really want to do a course or take up an educational degree after your graduation? If yes, why did you aspire for it?  Now reserve the answer for yourself and continue reading .

          Most of this country’s youth (present day youth) have little choice in what they do and what they study till their

The cover page of the book

The cover page of the book

graduation.  Call it peer pressure, following the herd or very strong parental control. Most of us end up becoming engineers and land up in software or an allied service sector.  One or two years into Software, people start making their choices and start seeking positions that match their skills and interests.  So, my question to anyone who is reading this post is this.  When you make a choice here, what are the factors that determine the choice?  Where do money, power and hatred for the current job figure in the list of factors that determine your choice?           For most of us, if not each and every one of us, these three things play the key role (not a key role :-)) as we enroll or aspire for our further education.   Most of us think that,  that MBA or that new degree is going to land us in a better job, with a bigger pay slip and is going give us more power.  Should these factors determine our decision? What’s the role of these factors and what are the other factors that ought to be considered while we make our decision?  For answers to these questions one ought to read the book “MBA is not about Money Blazer Arrogance” by Krishna Kranthi .

          This book is the story of a young Indian graduate Revanth, employed as a software engineer in a reputed firm, he, like many of his peers, aspires to be an MBA. He struggles and sees that his dream comes true when he gets into one of the most coveted business schools of India for an MBA course. As he enters the campus he has only one question, what’s the purpose of his MBA?  How is it going to help him and shape him up?  How Revanth gets the answer to this question and shares his learning’s with all the readers forms the rest of the book.

          I loved the way the book was organized, it starts with Revanth’s journey to the campus and ends with his graduation. The chapters, named after months of the year, speak of what happens in a B-school during those months and tell us the ups and downs of Revanth’s  student life in those months.  

          Probably the first book that gives an inside story of an MBA student, this book tells us how the MBA students learn from various subjects and the assignments.  As we travel with Revanth from crowded lanes of Mumbai to the hot and dusty heartlands of Maharashtra and from there to the snowy and gusty  cities of Europe we learn the troubles, travails and the lessons the MBA course offers to its students.

          The writing style of the author is simple and one that helps readers read and digest the contents quickly.  The tone is conversational and Revanth would be speaking to us throughout the book.  Simple English and effective narration make the book a joy to read. I would not say that the book is un-put-downable but it retains the reader’s interest which is important for any book.          

The author Krishna Kranthi

The author Krishna Kranthi
(the pic on his website)

         I liked the book very much and probably that’s the reason why I could not see any negatives in the book. I donot think there are any, and even if they are there, they would get dwarfed before the message the book delivers . In many ways it looks like the true story of the author, I am not sure about it though, but I enjoyed the read imagining that it was author’s true story.  The journey and realization about MBA’s true purpose was just awesome.           Again, the book is not very preachy and serious, it has its own fun elements . The campus love story of the author,  the way friends chill out together and the Mahesh-isms add the much-needed color and fun element  to the book .  The author balanced it very well.  

          Not very long ago I too was an MBA aspirant, one of the two and half lakh people in this country who give CAT with a dream of making it big in their lives. All the while when I was preparing I never had the questions like What is this degree going to give me? How is it going to change my outlook and how will become a better person ? It was all about getting into a better job, growing in career (becoming  a manager 🙂 ) and having more money in my life.  Now, would I have thought twice before attempting CAT had I read this book before ? No, I would have still gone ahead and given CAT.  However, I would have had much more clarity on what I should seek while doing the MBA and a different vision of what I would be doing after the MBA as a result of reading the book.

          Probably that’s the best part of the author, entrepreneur and ToastMaster Krishna Kranthi’s work. It enhances and expands your horizon but doesn’t ask to move away from your goal. A must read not just for any MBA aspirant but for any one who seeks higher education. It might seem that I am singing the paeans of the author and the book, but that’s how I felt after reading the book. I was so happy that someone bothered to understand the purpose of doing a MBA and shared it with people.  It connected to me and changed my perspective. I am sure there are many people who look at education like me and I am sure they  would get benefitted (like me) when they read the book. Hence I strongly recommend it.  Do buy the book and read it. Every penny and every moment you spend on this book are really really worth it.  Do read the book. You will be happy you read it.

P.S. : A part of the money from the purchase of this book goes to the NGO – Vigyan Ashram  in part of educational scholarship to the students. (Novel idea by a debutant author who sells his book for just 150 rupees isn’t it?.

Here is Krishna Kranthi’s website :

Vigyan Ashram’s website  :

You can buy the book here





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