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May 14, 2013 / subramanyam

Karnataka Elections :: My random thoughts


Congress had a decisive victory in Karnataka

         In spite of being a huge fan of the Bharatiya Janata Party, I am extremely happy with the election result. If BJP looks back and introspects the last 5 years in its only southern citadel, what would it see ?  in-fights, poor governance, scams, scandals, mining mafia, allegations of corruption and frequent changing of the chief ministers….

         It’s only unfortunate that a man who built the party in the state turned its nemesis in this election. Shri B.S. Yeddyurappa was associated with BJP from 1980. It was he who built BJP brick by brick in the state and brought it to power in 2008. 28 years is indeed a very long period of time in politics isn’t it . However, once in power everything changed. For the first 3 years, the Reddy brothers of Bellary and Yeddyurappa had their  internal problems and the governance at large suffered. The state saw BJP’s top brass getting involved every now then and doing the fire-fighting  to diffuse the trouble.

        The unearthing of the mining scams and allegations that Yeddy was involved in some murky land deals tarnished the image further, the tussle between the governor and the chief minister, ministers and chief minister were pushing the party down hill.  LokAyuktha’s  comments on Yeddy were the final death knell and the party had to force him to give up the CM’s post. His constant bullying for power and his eagerness to put in his puppeteers as chief ministers of the state dented the reputation of the already ailing party. The efforts of Shri Sadananda Gowda and Jagadeesh Shettar to rebuild the party’s image did not really bear fruits and the party today is not even the principal opposition in the house.

         How much ever I despise the congress party, I still believe they deserve to come back to power in Karnataka and deliver the governance that has eluded the state for quite sometime. In a way this must be looked upon as the increase in the awareness of people and the way they say no to corruption and incompetent governance.  We saw a similar verdict in Tamilnadu where a corrupt DMK regime was booted out in the 2011 election. We see a similar thing happening in Karnataka now.  I wish this happens all over the nation in the 2014 general election.

        Coming to the individual parties and what this result means to them, In many ways it was BJP’s loss than congress gain , but if the governance is delivered it is the best thing that can happen to the state.  Hope Shri Siddaramaiah ji and Co learn the right lessons from their predecessors and deliver on governance.

          As for the BJP, there is a lot to take home from the election. First of all , this defeat does not mean that all is over.  They stood up and took action on Yeddy , shutting doors on Yeddy was not easy but that proves that the party acts against the corrupt.  As long as Yeddy was in the party there was a feeling that BJP cannot survive in the state without him, but today they still have 40 seats  and about 13.5% electorate in the state that back them even in the absence of  Shri Yeddyurappa and Reddy brothers. This can be taken as a starting point and the party can be built once again. Give a strong signal to the masses that your are united and stand against the corrupt, people will love you and accept you but a lot of manthan and change is needed for that.

Image Source : IBNLIVE.COM


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