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April 28, 2013 / subramanyam

Sexual Abuse —- my Random Ramblings

          Back to the blog after a long hiatus, it’s been more than a month since I wrote anything.  Events on both personal and professional fronts were keeping me busy.  Here I am, back with my own ramblings on the things that surround us.

          Delhi’s Rape incident is igniting passions all over the country, while New Delhi is earning its dubious distinction as the rape capital, slowly and steadily the world is seeing this country as an unsafe place for women. I indeed am a big fan of stringent laws and the men who did it to the 5 year old definitely deserve the strongest and sternest of all punishments. The punishment served out to each of them must send a shiver in the spine of anyone with malicious intentions.

Crime against woman is breaking the barriers of age.

Crime against woman is breaking the barriers of age.

          That being said, I would also want people to think about the long-term solutions to prevent this heinous crime from happening. To me the sexual assaults on women are a results/consequences of bigger problems that plague our society. The love for the male child and the selective killing of the female foetuses’ have already created a skewed sex ratio in the country.  Thanks to the greed of a few medical officers and doctors, we today have less than 850 females for every 1000 males in some parts of the country. These problems are bigger and have got to do more with the mindset the people of this land have acquired of late.

          In a land where the quotes like “yatra naaryatsu poojyante tatra ramanti devataaah” (where women are worshipped – Gods come and stay and feel happy)  came up thousands of years ago, today, woman are being treated more or less as a weaker sex  and objects of pleasure.  

          The ancient wisdom and the value system of this country are slowly getting diluted in this information age, thanks to the various demands the modern life puts on the people, the time a person spends with family , with his/her elders and with good and great books has drastically comedown.  As if adding ghee to the already raging fire, a majority of the films and the advertisements show woman in poor light.  Most unfortunately they are the ones that end up being the blockbusters, remember the AXE advertisements or the Slice ad’s which make it uncomfortable for anyone to view even an ad along with his/her parents.  It might sound as if I am over reacting but  these things definitely send wrong signals to people and make at least some of the populace think that woman are an easy prey.  The Bollywood also has its set of issues as we rarely get to see women as protagonists and as achievers who command respect.  Not to speak about the item songs and the wrong signals they send to the people.

          To me it’s time the entertainment industry picks up the mantle and comes up with creative stuff that dismisses the aforesaid archaic notions from the minds of people.  They are the ones who can influence the nation the most.   One message/one film from them is stronger than 10 PR campaigns the government can probably come up with.  The government can foster the innovation in this field by coming up with tax cuts and other awards for people who contribute to this.

          Hope to see the change at the earliest in the country, the moment our cinema and our advertisements show women in good light , the frequency of the crime against the woman would definitely come down. The government and the NGO’s for their part can top it up with the initiatives and campaigns that try bringing a paradigm shift in the minds of the citizens of this nation.  Probably declaring this year as an anti-rape year might not be a bad idea. Hoping to see the change in this country at the earliest possible day .




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  1. dr sweetyshinde / Feb 10 2015 10:56 pm

    It has to start with family. Little boys need to be taught respect. In addition, they need to SEE their father respect their mother, need to HEAR her voice being valued in the house. Otherwise, it is just theory, words and froth.

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  2. subramanyam / Feb 11 2015 2:52 pm

    Hi Sweety ji
    Welcome to SatyaSurya. Yeah, I concur with what you say . Kids pick morals from their parents. So inculcating good values at an early age is extremely essential.

    Keep visiting the blog and keep sharing your thoughts.

    Thank you
    Subramanyam K.V.


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