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March 6, 2013 / subramanyam

RIP :: A pretty bold book

          When Anna Hazare first picked up the cudgels and tried to put the government in dock over corruption and Janlokpal we were all there with him, weren’t we ? Most of us, the young men and women of this country are seen seething in anger when scam after scam is exposed and the governance goes into a tail spin.  Yet, not much happens,  and we see the governments come up with some tactics or the other and we see the agitations lose steam. We lose the focus as something comes up in the middle and we also have our own work and life demands.

          While most of us let this anger fizzle out, some people take it to the next level. Mukul Deva, an army man who has served the armybook-review-rip and the nation for 15 years took a different route to keep fight against the corruption alive. “RIP” his latest work, is a result of his anger, anguish and frustration at the falling standards of governance and the rampant corruption plaguing the soul of the nation. 

          “RIP”  in this book is the not the “Rest in Peace” RIP we know, it stands for  “Resurgent Indian Patriots”. The name 6 ex-army officers who rededicate themselves to the service of the nation give to themselves. This group pledges to weed out the corrupt and create a chill in the spines of the ruling elite of the country. 

          Krishna, Kevin,Kashif,Karan,Kamlesh and Kulwant, or the K-Team as they are fondly called manage to hit the headlines with their initial successes. Will the K-Team achieve the target they put for themselves, will they make the political class bend and more importantly will they prove to be a match for the wily Home Minister  Karunakaran and his tricks?  Can CBI and its duty loving director Vinod Bedi reach and save their masters in time ? You ought to read the book to the get the answers.

          Coming to the style of the book, it is an easy read one might finish it in 3-4 hours of at a stretch reading.  The author has taken enough care to ensure that the interest of the reader is sustained and the suspense maintained. The conversational style of writing and use of day to day English are the icing on the cake.

          In the author’s note Mukul Deva says “This book was out of extreme sense of anger and shame. Anger at the appalling, naked greed so shamelessly displayed by the Indian political class. And shame that they happen to be fellow Indians” . After reading the book, I felt how true. For, as it comes with most of the works of fiction, this book too has a disclaimer which says that all the characters in the book are fictional and any resemblance with the real life characters is purely a coincidence. However, I doubt this for the scams mentioned and the names and the situations almost give away the identity of the people the author is referring to. It indeed seemed like a bold attempt to me.

          Coming to the stuff I thought could have been improved in the book, the k-team sometimes seemed like silver screen hero’s.  How can someone pull off breathtaking feats and still come out unscathed.  The other bigger complaint is regarding the fate of  some of the characters in the book , can you accept violence and killing of the politicians of India  as a solution to the problems of India? The very thought of killing them and creating a political vacuum seemed dangerous to me.What if some innocent public are also killed in the process? We have been the land that loved debate and fair treatment of everyone aren’t we ?   But then, I am again divided in opinion , for I want India to change but I abhor violence. If change can happen in the country without things that were mentioned in RIP I would be the happiest.   

          Do read it, I am sure you would like the 2-3 hours you spend on it.

          I definitely thank blogadda for introducing me to this book.

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