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January 13, 2013 / subramanyam

Sarvejanah sukhino bhavantu

          First of all I would like to wish the readers of this blog a very very happy Bhogi, sankranti and kanuma or say as it said across India as Pongal.  Hope this festival season bestows every person and every living being with happiness and everlasting joy.

          The second of the Vedas, YajurVeda in one of its hymns says “Sham no astu dwipade Sham chatushpade”  which means “May the Lord bring peace unto all bipeds and quadrupeds.” Such is the dictum of the holy books to the Hindus. It’s not enough if you human beings are happy,  every living being in this world should be happy.

         This festival  is about making the animals happy as well, on the 4th day of the festival (mukkanuma) it’s a ritual that we decorate the cows, buffalos oxen and the domesticated bulls. We recognize the contributions made by them and share our joy with them. Now isn’t that fantastic. Isn’t sharing joy with the animals close to us a fantastic idea.  In that age people dictated that we should share our joy even with the animals that help us but today human beings are behaving worse than the animals what an irony .  How wise were the rishis who taught us concepts of sharing everything the nature gives us with all the inhabitants of the nature.  

          Then we say “Sarvejanah sukhino bhavantu” , Vedas never said “HinduJanah sukhino bhavantu” what a way of cutting across the caste, religion and regional lines while wishing prosperity for all.  Similarly it is said that “Lokah samstah sukhinobahvantu”. I think words of this sort have shaped the thought process of millions and millions of people in this country for ages.  No doubt this country has emerged as the place where people of many religions co-existed, continue to co-exist and will live the same way in the days to come.

          I say these sanskrit verses  almost everyday, but realized the meaning only today. Great message isn’t it. Happy that I belong to dharma which says that everyone in this world and every being should be happy. I would pray for that universal happiness every day.


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