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January 13, 2013 / subramanyam

Owaisis and Hyderabad

           Last week when I viewed Akbaruddin Owaisi’s  hate speech in you tube . I was disturbed to say the least, the way he spoke about 25crore vs 100 crore and his diatribe against Sanatana Dharma were indeed provoking and disturbing.  His words on Kasab don’t deserve even a comment.  I wonder like how an MLA can be so ignorant of the sensitivities of people. His hatred for a particular community is very clear and he wants to position himself and his party as the sole caretakers of a particular community in India.  I was seething in anger after looking at the video, waited for the anger to abate before writing this post.

           If Akbar’s speech was disturbing, his brother Asad’s defense for his brother and his  allegations that “entire episode is a 1268367223owaisi brothersconspiracy hatched against the Hyderabad-based party by Andhra Pradesh’s Congress government in connivance with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)” only show the misguided zeal of the brothers.

           I have a decent amount of Muslim friends who have been condemning Akbaruddin for his remarks, at the same time some news papers say that his popularity in the old city of Hyderabad is increasing.  religion is one of the easiest ways of striking a chord isn’t it?
Check this out on Times of India . But doesn’t this sort of publicity fizzle  out in the long run ….

           From a layman’s perspective the police itself acted on this case after a lot of dilly dallying. While they say that they took legal opinion before arresting Owaisi. The public believes otherwise. Many believe that except for social media this case would not have been taken up so quickly.   For me it’s better late than never.  It’s good that action is being taken on the culprit and matter is in the courts purview any lapse or delay in this sort of issues will flare more disharmony in this country.

            The purpose of this blog post is not to spew venom on the Owaisis or to create fresh communal trouble.  These remarks were made by a political duo who come from a party that has a history of spewing venom on communities.  These remarks come from a duo who inspite of being an MP and MLA and in spite of being close to the central and state governments for 8 years could not even bring the winds of development to their constituencies or say the old city areas of Hyderabad.  The old city of Hyderabad faces some of the weirdest problems in this nation.  

          While the infrastructure remains to be poor , the opportunities for the educated are falling short by huge numbers when we take the demand into consideration.  Most of the educated youth of Pata basthi (as the old city is fondly called) migrate to the Gulf and Saudi in search of better living.  The poverty levels in the old city are so alarming that the Arab Sheikhs from the Gulf exploit the poorest of the poor Muslims of Hyderabad with the contract marriages.  The young and teenage girls are practically bought by these crooked Arab Sheikhs.  In spite of wakf board orders these things thrive in the old city of Hyderabad. Here is a piece I got from Muslim observer website.

          “So far, the grooms were largely from Gulf countries such as Oman or Saudi Arabia, usually middle-aged and always rich. They would sign a “contract” for marriage with a Muslim teenager in Hyderabad, paying her needy family between Rs 50,000 and Rs 2 lakh, and then dump her after a short honeymoon and fly home.”

You can get the full story here .

           Many locals even today feel that Owaisis have done little to stop these crimes. Please read these articles below.

        Wouldn’t it be better if the Owaisis and the MIM worked for the development of Muslims ,  created better infrastructure and won the hearts of them rather than just spewing venom on other communities and creating hatred.  Hope the brothers who are running AIMIM realize this.

          As for my response as a person belonging to a community on which they are spewing venom, I can only say that the better sense should prevail and we all should do everything to prevent tensions from escalating. Let the law  take its course ( a little quickly though ) and sarve janah sukhinobhavantu. 



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