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December 27, 2012 / subramanyam

A retro of 2012….

          I started this sort of stuff last year, doing a retrospective analysis of the happenings of the year that has gone by.  It actually helps us know what we have done in the last one year and motivates us to go forward. This post, another retro of my life,  might drive you nuts as it has no important info other than the good bad and ugly of Subbu in 2012. Hence think twice and act wise before you continue   .

          2012 has been an eventful year for me, here are the highlights/sidelights of it…

Good Habit I started this year :

         Not too many this time except the fact that I am  Prioritizing the work now.

Old habits that persist:

          Addiction to T.V. this simply does not go, laziness, procrastination and talkativeness.. they never seem to leave me.  

Good things that happened to me :

         Got married this year, the biggest moment J. I also bought a home so its like double bonanza. What makes it triple joy, is the fact that I bought my first vehicle this year.

Reading :

          I completed a decent set of books this year,

(i)           Balasarswathi her art and her life

(ii)          A calendar too crowded

(iii)        The Rozabal line

(iv)         Erich Segal’s “The Love story”

(v)          The Devotion of suspect X

(vi)         Murder on the mind

(vii)       The one you love  — Paul Pilkington

(viii)     Godaan —PremChands classic

(ix)         What young India wants – chetan Bhagat

(x)          The Krishna Key — Ashwin Sanghi

(xi)        Eat that Frog – Brian Tracy

(xii)       The White Tiger — Aravind Adiga

(xiii)     The Bankster — Ravi Subramanian

(xiv)      Immortals of Meluha –Amish Tripathi

(xv)        The secret  of Nagas — Amish Tripathi

(xvi)      If God was a Banker — Ravi Subramanian

(xvii)    The Devil in pinstripes — Ravi Subramanian

(xviii)  The day I stopped drinking milk —- Sudha Murty

Very good books is what I can say.

Professional life :

         Last year I had 2 certifications could not emulate it this year. However, I took the responsibilities as the team lead and handled 2 projects in the middle of the year. That’s one thing that’s noteworthy. I also joined Toastmasters and also became the treasurer of CSC Hyderabad Toastmasters club.

Blogging :

          Again lack in the performance if I compare with last year. As such the number of blogs I wrote came down in this year.   The number of blogs I had on social issues also came down. This year I had more book reviews than anything else, hoping to make amends in the next year.

Things that gave a lot of satisfaction :

         Starting my you tube channel, joining Toastmasters.

Moments of the year :

(i)           Tying the knot

(ii)          Entering the new house(my own home– gruhapravesam).

Most embarrassing moment :

          Was caught napping in presentation my manager was giving , I was supposed to capture the jist of the meeting … so embarrassing,

Things I did not like about myself:

         Poor planning for things, that kept me in tight spot quite a number of times.  Talk, talk , talk, no control over the free flow from the mouth , at the beginning of the year, I resolved that would listen for 60% of the time and talk for about only 40 %, I just reversed it this year. Then, using office time for personal work. I improved the pace at which I work in the office, but I am sure that’s not enough. I was in good contact with many of my friends but am gradually losing touch with them,  I am not even bothering to do some exercise every day, no food discipline,  I put on a lot of pounds this year ….. the list simply  goes on…. I wish to correct most of them next year , lets see what 2013 has in store for me.

Wishing  one and all a very happy new year 2013.


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