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November 26, 2012 / subramanyam

4th Anniversary of 26/11

          Today is the 4th anniversary of 26/11, 4 years since the ghastly attacks on our financial capital. The bravery of people like Hemant Karkare , Vijay Salaskar , Ashok Kamte , Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, ASI Tukaram  and  other brave officers saved the day for us .

          4 days ago the lone surviving terrorist Kasab was hanged to death, The lone surviving gunman of 26/11 was hanged to death in Pune’s Yerawada jail at 7.30am on Wednesday.  I support this hanging full-fledgedly .  This is a way to tell the aggressors that we will not tolerate terrorism and aggression against this country. The hanging was delayed, but  it’s always better late than never.  How can this country infuse confidence in the thousands of those policemen and military personnel fighting for this nation  if it can’t deliver justice cases where the criminals have been caught and the lies of our hostile neighbors have been nailed.

          Paying homage to the 26/11 martyrs once again.  Hope our not-so-friendly neighbors will learn a thing or two from the hanging of Kasab.

BharatMata ki  jai


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