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October 15, 2012 / subramanyam

Of COP, Elections and Yatras in A.P.

          Thanks to the COP -11 summit (the bio-diversity meet) the roads in Hyderabad got a face lift.  A majority of the roads were laid and re-laid  and the long-standing repairs for the roads have been taken up.  In some places the beautification work  has been taken up   and we are seeing nice painting and art work done on the roads.  For the past 7 years I have never seen the government taking up activities at this pace.  The fact that some of the  works were pending and the people went on with the works even after the summit began is a sort of embarrassment isn’t it ? However as a Hyderabadi, I am happy that the city looks better and is safer for the motorists now.  A much-needed stuff. Only if the governments cared for their ordinary denizens as much as they do for the foreign delegates.            

                      Was reading something about leadership,  found this interesting piece which says that leadership is getting tougher by the day. Read this wonderful piece by Barbara Kellerman.

             It’s yatra (march) season in A.P. now, for a state which has seen Jagan Mohan Reddy’s  odaarpu yatra go on for

Naidu’s Yatra is drawing the crowds.

about 2 years  (Yes it is 2 years .. he stopped it only when he was arrested  on corruption )  the chief minister N.Kiran Kumar Reddy is now on Indiramma baata to reconnect with the masses and restore the fast eroding confidence on government.  The head of the state is spending 30% of his time on this program. Then leader of the opposition Mr. Nara Chandrababu Naidu is in the yatra “vastunna … mee kosam”.  A 63 year old Naidu is on a 117 day  padayatra  in which he is expected to cover 2000+ kilometers on foot.  Testing the limits of audacity… is he ?  Recently YSR congress party has announced that  Sharmila, YSR’s daughter will take up a yatra too. She too,  is expected to cover 1000+ kilometers.  One by-product of these yatra’s is the fact that it is showering sops in A.P. now. I am tempted to call it Sopocracy instead of democracy.  I wish people of A.P.  understand the true motives of these “people loving ” politicians.  

                      Coming to COP-11 again , the prime minister is visiting Hyderabad for the bio-diversity summit.  While the Telangana parties are planning  for a protest , he chose to take the aerial route . He would not be travelling by road from airport to the Convention Centre (HICC) and would be using a helicopter instead.   Now, the opposition parties are planning to launch black balloons and  express their concerns.  So don’t get anxious if you see those black balloons tomorrow, they are substituting for the black flags that would have otherwise welcomed the PM at  Begumpet.  

I took the pictures form “The Hindu” and “The Deccan Chronicle ” newspapers websites.

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