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October 9, 2012 / subramanyam

My Take on “Eat that Frog”

          Well, let me ask you this question, For how many times in your life were you swamped by a feeling “ Oops,  where did the day go?.  I wanted to do so much  !!!  but the time just flew.   We all plan to do many things, we complete some and grow aversive towards the rest. Somehow something (low/high priority) props up in the middle and we end up losing the race.  The other thing is procrastination; we always have our reasons for not doing the right things at the right time.  Procrastination, in essence is the king when it comes to self sabotage.

           Improper priorities and procrastination are the  two big things that haunt the performance of most of us today , I am  no exception.  However, if I am handling things better than before, it’s because of the tips I read and am implementing from a book called “Eat that frog”.

          Written by the self-made millionaire Brian Tracy, Eat that frog comes up with 21 principles for setting the priorities right and handling the procrastination.  Written in simple English this 100 page book gives some very useful and very easy to practice tips to improve our efficiency at work. I am not telling this for the sake of the review, but the 3-4 hours you spend reading this book will change your perspective on your daily regular tasks .  The book is available on skill port/Amazon,  do read it, and I am sure you’ll refer it to others.

           We had a competition in CSC to write a book review in less than 250 words , this was my attempt .  Do share your feedback, this is the first time I am writing such a short review, hence your feedback would be pivotal .

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  1. Sai Krishna / Oct 10 2012 9:26 am

    This is a nice book. A short and to-the point notes on how to deal with procrastination. The one thing it helped me in is the formula of “start your day early” to take control of the day. It works for me, but let us see if it persists against my levels of procrastination. Thanks.


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