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August 28, 2012 / subramanyam

The one you love :: A review

         Looks like I am reading a lot of mystery stuff these days. After L.L.Bartlett’s “Murder on the mind” I picked up “The one you Love”. This book, written by Paul Pilkington is one of the top kindle downloads (1 million +) in the last one year. This has actually prompted me to take the book up.(Quite obvious isn’t it?)

         Emma Holden, a starlet with big aspirations is stung when her life goes topsy-turvy over night.  HerImage fiancée is missing, his brother is found in her apartment with grave head injuries. The circumstantial evidence points fingers at someone she believes was not involved in the crime. Her own family and a few trusted friends are all she have as she embarks on the arduous journey of uncovering the truth.  How Emma uncovers the truth, and what has happened actually forms the real plot of the story.

          Her past, Her ex-boyfriends,  the secrets her family keeps from her and the twists and turns actually juice up the story wonderfully. The writer actually did a very good job while building up the plot. The novel is fast paced and has been a page turner. The suspense regarding the culprit is very well maintained till the end.

          Coming to the way the characters are portrayed, I liked the female protagonist part. Long time since I read a novel with a female protagonist. Then coming to the others characters and the characterization,  the guilt consciousness and the way it affects a person’s psyche are very well portrayed. I personally loved the character of Lizzy, she made me remember Sam in the Lord of the Rings.

          With such a nice plot and so many twists and turns, I was wondering like how a book like this can become a freebie in Kindle. How would it feel if there is dawn immediately after midnight. The ending  almost seemed similar to me. Quite opposite to the one I read in Bartlett’s “Murder on Mind”. I felt that the author actually rushed through it. Moreover when the book has prologue, why does it not have an epilogue?  telling us like what happened to some of the most important characters in the book.

          All in all, it’s a good book. Definitely worth reading once. It’s definitely a page turner and you are bound to enjoy it. Personally I would rate somewhere around 3.75 on the scale of 5.  I would have  given a whole-hearted 5 on 5 had it not been for the dampener ending.

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