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August 23, 2012 / subramanyam

My CC1 at ToastMasters

          (This was my first speech say CC # 1 at ToastMasters , this won me the best speaker prize, I had to skim through some sections as I  had to finish in 6 minutes, nevertheless sharing the full speech here. there might be issues with grammar and typo’s because I was doing this in a hurry)

          If there is one thing that all human beings have in common, it’s that each and every one of them are different. That’s perhaps the reason why CC#1’s generate a lot of response from the audience and we probably never get tired of listening to them. Dear friends here I am , Subramanayam K.V. starting my Competent communicator journey with the toastmaster by  taking you for a walk in the trip down my memory lane.

          Before I start any further, let me tell you one thing, my life has always offered me many experiences which taught me just one simple thing in life “Don’t cry because it’s over, just smile because it happened.” And I would try to relate to this as I proceed with a biographical sketch of mine,

          Some 28 years ago, in 1984 , I was born in Tekkali, a small town in the Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh. Thanks to my father’s transfers , I spent my childhood in some remote villages in the Andhra-Orissa border.  I did my high school in Vizianagaram another important town in coastal A.P.  Here  I wish to tell you a small anecdote from  the formative years of mine.

         All through his life, my father taught Bhagavad Gita and other hymns to kids, in fact he does it even now. So, in my childhood it was only natural that he expected me to be ready and sitting in the class when he was teaching this slokas. This somehow did not go well with my friends who always expected me at the ground for the entire evening when they were playing cricket or other games. Every evening after playing for about an hour or so , I had to be back by 5.00 p.m at home to get ready for the 5.30 class of my father. This did not go really with me then, I used to crib that I am missing my games, I used to crib that I only had to bowl or do umpiring but never got to do batting, however today when I read a Sloka  and derive happiness out of it, or if I explain it for people and they say I did a good job. I remember my father and his discipline and thank him secretly for being so strict in my childhood and teaching me all that stuff.    

          Similarly in almost every summer holidays, he used to get a pile of books(small ones with less than 60 pages) for me and used tell me ,  don’t go into the heat and play unless you have finished one of these books. I was too afraid to oppose and merely followed his orders. Years later , if I became a district champion in quiz about 5 times or if I was a state runner up in  state level quiz competetions and if I read so many books today, it’s all because of my parents and the habits they instilled in me.

         Then I did my intermediate( +1 and +2)  from Nalanda college Viajaywada, not much to say about his phase of life as the entire time was spent studying , getting ready for EAMCET and stuff like that. It was just pressure from all directions

          Finally, when the pressure cooker finally whistled, I was in Gayatri vidya Parishad college of engineering in Visakahapatnam to do my engineering in Computer Sciences and Information Technology.  Now, all the while I thought that ,engineering meant doing something practically , but after entering the college, I was asked to digest voluminous amounts of theory that I  practically used doze off in most of the classes. I was so interested in extracurricular activities that I practically scraped through my engineering  just fit enough to get a campus placement in Satyam. 

          One and half years after joining satyam, the gyan tube light glowed and  I wanted to give a shot at CAT.  2007 I got a score that did not give me many calls, I said why not once again and 2008 I was near 90 percentile and got some good calls but I could not make it in the interviews, on the other hand , my software career was suffering because, I was not giving enough time for  my job. Imagine you have four years of experience under your belt and you can’t perform as good as a person who has half of your experience. Still I took the challenge and gave a shot at it. I scored around 96+ percentile and got some decent calls from institutes this time but in the Interviews I used to hear from interviewers that I was doing a mistake by putting a 5 year old career at stake.  They were interested in offering me a Phd  in HR in the premier institutes of India some thing I was not interested in taking up. Needless to say, I lost it at both ends, I risked the job I was in and I did not get what I want. For the next few years , I had to concentrate on my job and technology which again was ordeal which I somehow handled and handling even now.

           But this again helped me in another way, I became a voracious reader out of this cat ordeal and I also became a blogger,   I thought I could share some of my thoughts, today, if   my blog attracts some 30 people a day on an average and if I was contacted by none other BBC themselves for a review of their magazine on my blog. It’s all because of the grind of CAT.

           Friends, that brings me to the end of this biographical sketch of mine and if I have to sum it up I would only say , life is always lived forwards and understood only backwards.


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  1. Ramya Patnaik / Sep 24 2012 10:42 am

    This was one of the finest CC#1 speeches I heard so far.. Great job!!


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