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August 19, 2012 / subramanyam

Murder on the Mind :: A review

          Completed my first book on kindle,  in fact on my tab’s kindle app. It was L.L. Bartlett’s Murder on the Mind. A psychic murder mystery, with a lot of focus on personal relations, “Murder on the Mind” for me, is a good read.

          The Protagonist “Jeff Resnick’s ”  life becomes a mess when he loses his job in down sizing. Just when things seem to go right and he gets a new job, he gets mugged and his life goes awry again. However, this accident gives him some special psychic powers and visions which lead him investigate a sensational murder mystery, which forms the crux of the book.

          The way the characters evolve as the story goes on was real good. The first person account of telling the story was something I liked. The author also shows how some rough and un-ironed ends have the potential to destroy even good and established relationships. The way author describes nature and the surroundings of Buffalo (that’s where the entire story takes place) was just awesome. I liked the eye for the detail.

          The plot that was so beautifully built gave away to a lame ending, Things start becoming so predictable and at a point you would feel that the story is being prolonged, the ending could have just been juiced up a little bit. I really had to fight a feeling of putting the book down at times. Coming to other things, at times I felt like a little overdose of personal relationships, probably because of personal convictions.

          This is the first time I am reading a fiction that has psychic stuff involved, hence , was rather apprehensive before picking this up. Picked it up as I got it for free on Kindle. Nevertheless the book did not disappoint me.  Hope you too would enjoy on a leisurely day with a hot mug of coffee.


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