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June 17, 2012 / subramanyam

A.P.’s bypolls and my random thoughts

           The recent by-polls for 18 seats in the A.P. Legislative Assembly is in fact a straight victory for the YSR Congress party. Call it sympathy wave, call it love for YSR party, call it the anti-incumbency wave or give any other fancy name but the result means that it’s a clear victory for the YSRCP.

          Out of the 18 seats which went to polls on 15thof this month, YSRCP bagged a whopping 15, while the ruling congress party

Vote responsbly

had to be content with 2 seats, TRS managed to win the lone seat from Telangana  and the Telugu Desam party, the principal opposition party in the state assembly drew a blank.

          These results offer curious insights in to the way the people are thinking across the state, some people say that sentiment is playing a huge role in the state since 2009.  For all the by-polls that happened in Telangana , the “separate Telangana” sentiment has worked and for the bypolls in the Andhra region the YSR sentiment is working.  They are saying that the arrest of Jagan and the subsequent canvassing by Y.S.Vijaya(Y.S.R’s wife) for her son has worked wonders in terms of sentiment and raised a sympathy wave which paid rich dividends to YSRCP. 

          I oppose the YSRCP due to corrupt and the sopocratic regime of late YSR and am committed to it even now.  What really surprises me is the way people have elected the corrupt  once again.  Did the short-term priorities like money and liquor outweigh the long-term priorities like jobs, good roads and a safer future? Or have the people lost their faith in the democratic process altogether and are voting to people who give them the maximum number of sops when they are in power? Or is A.P. going into a position where caste, creed and the religion of a candidate/party are going to decide his/her fate in the elections? Or is it mere sympathy, were the voters foooled by the emotive speeches and sealed the fate of the state in a flow of emotion?

          For a democracy to function well, its voters ought to be intelligent. They ought to make intelligent choices, if they make wrong choices the entire democratic process is going to suffer. If the mindset of the A.P. voter does not change, A.P. has worse days in store. If they sell their votes, or vote for a person just because of few sops, they are going to bear the brunt one day.

          Hope the realization dawns on the people of the A.P. at the earliest.

Vote dil nahi dimaag se do

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  1. rajeev / Jun 18 2012 6:54 am

    ap voters r goats they cann’t understand dis ……


  2. Sai Krishna / Jun 25 2012 9:46 pm

    Good post! Could you throw more insights on what are the reasons for this behaviour?


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