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June 10, 2012 / subramanyam

By-elections in AP and some points to think about .

          We have a by-election coming up in AP in the next 2 days, some 18 seats of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative assembly are going for by-polls. The aim of this post is to present some facts and ask the people to give a serious thought to these facts before they vote. First let me start by speaking about the YSR regime and its impact on AP .

          In the general elections of 2004 the people of Andhra Pradesh have voted out Telugu Desam and party and have voted for late Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy and the congress party. The thought was that, Y.S.R and his government would provide the much needed relief for the agricultural sector and correct the misplaced priorities of the Chandrababu Naidu regime.

           What we got under YSR was a mixed bowl, there were some good things but the good things are heavily heavily outnumbered by the corruption charges and sopocracy of his regime. Corruption became a daily activity of YSR’s regime and the late leader showered sops on people to hide the money he and his son were making.

           Today, we have YSR’s son, his cabinet ministers, heads of corporate firms and even judges standing in the dock for the misgivings of his government. It is a known fact that YSR has little respect for the Institutions . His dis-respect is evident from the way the Institutions were systematically corrupted. For the first time in the history of AP we are having IAS officers going to jail.  The natural resources of the state have been looted , thanks to the mining mafia-politician nexus.  Today, the mining mafia has the guts and money to spend Rs 60 crores on a bail, thanks to the free hand Rajasekhara Reddy gave them.

          Today Y.S.JaganMohan Reddy (YSR’s son) is in Jail for all the financial scandals done by him under his father’s regime. His mother and sister are canvassing for their party and are trying to invoke sympathy by even politicizing YSR’s death. Jagan and the YSR congress party are promising YS like rule in the state, any such rule would only take AP backwards.

          One more thing , these polls have not come due to the demise of the sitting MLA’s or due to a cause. They are coming because of the selfish motives and the greed for power of a person, Y.S.Jaganmohan Reddy. It’s because Jagan wants to be the CM that we are having  these polls or we will never have them.  Jagan becoming the CM is a scary thought, if one can loot one lakh crores when his father was the chief minister, imagine how much can be looted when he himself becomes the chief minister.  

          Aspiring to be the chief minister is not wrong but trying to bring down a government for the sake becoming a  CM is wrong , can’t Jagan wait till 2014 to test his luck? what does he want to achieve by getting these 18 MLA’s to resign? You need a whopping 147 + seats to rule AP.   Does he believe in a democratic process? If so, why does want to bring the existing government down? What is his political experience other than being YSR’s son ?  What are his party’s policies? I think in the eyes of him and his mother, the chair of a CM is a hereditary throne that is passed on to the son after the father, he is angry because the throne was not passed on like that in AP.

          Please have these thoughts in mind before you vote this time. Please donot support the corrupt and please donot repeat the mistakes of 2004 and 2009 .

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