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May 13, 2012 / subramanyam

The Devotion of Suspect X :: A review

          Let me start by asking this question, what do you think is more tough  (i) Creating a problem that’s too complex to be solved by anyone (imagine being a Stephen cook and laying down a P=NP problem) or (ii) solving a problem that that’s really really complex. Irrespective of what our choices are, we do accept one thing , it takes a genius to create/solve these problems. Isn’t it ?

          Looks like I am reading some of the very famous books these days, first it was the Erich Segal’s  “The Love story” and now it is Keigo Higashino’s “The devotion of Suspect X”. This book has already sold some 2 million copies and is still counting. Apart from just saying that I too read this book, I wanted to share like what I liked and disliked about the book.

          Incoherent paragraphs, the first two, or did the order change? Was Subbu too lazy to even proof read? Questions? No,No, the sequencing was intentional, “The devotion of Suspect X”  is a war of geniuses in its core, a mathematician and a physicist use everything , their instincts, logic, theorems to succeed in their motives. While one spins the web and creates the problem, the other breaks it and brings the truth out.

          As one can guess from the title, the story is a thriller  and revolves around a murder. The first 30 pages of the book tell us when the murder happened and who committed it. The rest of the book is about how the investigation goes on and how justice is done in the case. Its like a game of chess between the police and the culprits, more so between the Ishigami and Yukawa, the mathematician and the physics professor who respect and understand each other a little too well.

          A thriller in true sense, for the book becomes unputdownable after the initial slack for about 60-70 pages, the investigators keep getting evidence, more and more evidence but it leads them nowhere, the reader knows who is misleading them, but the motives of the suspect are not at all clear. You would always feel like, why this alibi is still holding good. You know the evidence the police are laying their hands on is fabricated, but as the reader is spared from how the body is disposed off and other critical details at the start of the story, you as a reader would be wanting to know that one clue that breaks the fortress the culprit is trying to build. That one piece never seems to come into the hands of the investigators, every thread looks promising and it does seem to close the case but there will be new facts coming out and they are again off on a tangent.

          At one point we would be wondering like if the investigators would ever lay their hands on the culprit. We would be reading just to find the approach they adopt. The killer twist in the end will catch us off guard and we would want to revisit the first 30 pages just to make sure we read them correctly. Wonderful narration, and the way the pace is maintained is superb.

          Lovely plot, the author’s knowledge levels ought to be appreciated. The second thing I liked is the way he handled the characters, nowhere in the story , I found a character that was introduced without a purpose, each of the characters have  their roles cut out and the way the tempo is maintained is very very good.

          I loved the parts where the mathematician speaks of the relevance of mathematics to disciplines like bike racing and music. Never thought derivatives and Integrals had such relevance.  Also loved the part where the author says  people with such logical bent of mind can also become emotional and take risks which they would have never taken otherwise. Hated the slow pace of story initially , other than that no complaints.

Overall a great read , happy I read it , hope you too would enjoy reading it .

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  1. Prathibha / Jun 23 2012 11:54 pm

    Very well written subbu… I find the review more interesting than the actual book ( not an authority though, I haven’t read it yet).. but keep them coming.. I m gonna pick this up.. do u have a kindle version? Do keep writing ur good reads.. Seem to resonate with my taste and really like ur we structured way of writing esp on complicated political matters- the intelligent subbu as ever 🙂



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