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February 1, 2012 / subramanyam

I liked “The Rozabal Line”

          Picked up another book of Ashwin Sanghi ,  it’s  “The Rozabal Line” this time. Fantastic book by Ashwin Sanghi, I liked it more than Chanakya’s Chant the first book I read from Ashwin Sanghi.  I decided I should read the book after Ravi Chandra’s comment on my Chanakya’s Chant review in FB.  From what I know about him he does not recommend stuff for the sake of recommending it.  

          O.K.  let’s move on to the book, as I found it in Chanakya’s Chant,  Ashwin Sanghi loves creating historical fiction,  he plays with facts and fiction and clubs them to an extent where separation is next best to impossible.  In this book he uses this trademark trait of his to the limit and makes us wonder if we are reading fiction or reading facts , he also makes us travel all around the planet as a part of the plot.  I was left with a feeling as if the Americas and middle east and Japan are mery places in my backyard.  The style of writing and the pace are also very good.

          Coming to the plot, this book touches the controversial subject of Holy Grail and the Blood line of Jesus, remembered Dan Brown and the Da Vinci code right —-  yeah, this book deals with the same subject but is more coherent and more full  as far as the Blood line and Holy Grail are concerned.  What distinguishes it from Da Vinci code is probably the part related to the early life of Jesus.  A terror plot, Illuminati, SAS-KGB-RAW, black money in the European banks, illegal fund transfers,  Nostradamus, St Francis Xavier, Constantine, Shalivahana, Asoka, Richard the lion-hearted, the great sultan Salahuddin …. in short the book has  every ingredient for a  juicy plot.  The plot was so absorbing that I completed the 340 page book over the weekend.  Such was the curiosity the book generated, never felt this even while reading “The Davinci Code”.

          The way the author closes the book deserves a special mention, he ended it really well.  He gave the message he wanted to give very very nicely, from page 320 till the last one,  the author’s work was  awesome. The interconnection of faiths was also good.  Again was floored by the references he gave , he says he has read at least 40+ books to gather the information before writing the book, to me that’s impressive. One advice I can give is do not pick  this book as just one more thriller you wanted to read, you need to read it seriously and have got to complete it quickly.  The book has so many twists and turns that should you miss one instance you run the risk of missing a larger picture as you progress with the book.

One of the best books I ever read, do pick it up when you find time am sure you will never regret picking it up.

Happy Reading.



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