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December 9, 2011 / subramanyam

Life is what you make it :: A Review

          Looks like I am reading more and more reality rooted fiction these days, after reading  “The Muddy river” some two weeks ago, I picked up Preethi Shenoy’s  “Life is what you make it ” yesterday . I did not know about Preethi Shenoy or any of her books before , this book simply landed in my lap because a friend of mine felt this was worth reading ,I was asking her for some good books and she gave  this one to me.

          Ankita Sharma, ambitious by nature and a little naughty at heart, had everything a college going girl could dream of ,she had the brains to top the MBA class and looks that floor any guy ,with almost every girl craving for her friendship and every other guy swooning at the sight of her, life it seemed, was indeed  was dancing to her tunes .

          What goes up comes down and fate does the same thing to Ankita , in six months, she ends from being a college topper in Mumbai to a  patient in mental health institute in Bangalore. How Ankita traverses through the crests and troughs of her life and how she fights all the odds to become the person of her dreams is the crux of the book.

          Reading the first half of the book, I felt that the book should have been named “Chronicles of an Ambitious girl” , the story was indeed fast paced and it was seeming like just another love story , at some points of time I ended up hating Ankita, the prime character of the book and was fighting a feeling to put the book down. The second part is refreshingly different, it  does justice to the title and is the reason why the book deserves to be read. The pace slows down and reader is more glued to the book than before.

          The style of narration is simple, no big words or jargons that would make you consult the dictionary, pace of the story good, I liked the titles the author chose for each of the chapters. I like the positivity the author wishes to infuse particularly towards the end of the book. I saw shades of MahaShweta in this book when the author speaks of the mental agony of the victim. This book is an eye opener for us on mental diseases , it sheds light on how some people who are perceived to be the smartest actually end up facing problems regarding mental health.

          The book definitely deserves a read and as the title suggests it would help us come up with  a more positive attitude towards life. It also (upto some extent ) helps us understand the pain of a mentally ill person and would change our attitude towards mental illness.


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