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December 4, 2011 / subramanyam

Prisoner of Birth :: A Review

           I was reading another novel of Archer, this time it’s A Prisoner of Birth. The very fact that I have read 3 books of Archer in a span of a month explains what a big fan of Archer I am. And this time Archer didn’t let me down.

           The Prisoner of Birth is a fantastic book, a book whose characters you can never forget. A male lead ,who ends up in a fabricated case and sentenced to a 22 year prison stint, a female lead who is ready to go to the extremes to defend her husband,a bunch of villains who underestimate the will power of hero to seek revenge and a set of loyal friends who support the hero in his revenge form the centre stage of the novel .I bet it is extremely tough to forget these characters.

          Jeffrey Archer once again shows his mastery with the twists and turns ,the book is full of them ,though one can predict the ending of the novel ,it’s the final twist that was very very un expected. That apart there are a lot of court scenes in the novel which would keep the reader on his feet. The way Archer maintains the suspense throughout the court scenes  is amazing.

          Again the prison scenes, they are wonderful, looks like an eidetic description of  what happens in side the prison walls, on how people become friends and how some of them work for the betterment of lives sitting there. Again Archer holds us glued to the book.

          For people who would have read the book “ The Count of Monte Cristo” ,it would seem that, the above book might have been the inspiration for Archer to write “The Prisoner of Birth”. Nevertheless Archer’s classic is as intriguing as the one from Alexander Dumas.

          A definite read, and if you are anyone like me please make sure ,you have a lot of time to read this before you start. Reason???  once you pick this book ,it’ll be very tough to put it down. For the last 3 days I was reading this book in every second of free time I got , metro stations, long walks ,even free time in the office was not an exception.

         The book is as interesting as it was even after 500 pages ,which explains why this is a must read. I would give a full five for this , One book you would love to  have in your library .

Note : This is a review I wrote some 2 years back. 

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