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December 4, 2011 / subramanyam

I met Ojha

          I met Pragyan Ojha today, the first cricketer I ever met in my life, met him at a wedding actually. He came there with his wife , unfortunate that I neither  took his photograph nor his autograph . (some tube-lights just take too much time to switch on).

           He was very down to earth, he was touching the feet of elders, enquiring how their health is and all, my father greeted him in Odiya and he was like so surprised and started speaking to us though we were strangers. (P.S. I do not know Oriya so I spoke in English).


          Here is the long 🙂 conversation between me Ojha .

Me : congrats on the success you had in the West Indies Tour.

Ojha : Thanks, I am leaving to Australia shortly .

Me :  Congrats on being the main spinner in the tour .

Ojha : Thank you .

Me : We want Ponting’s wicket from you.

Ojha : Let’s see.

Me : All the best.


          Someone has already pulled him away by then. It did not come across to my muddy brain that I should ask for an autograph or photograph but still experience is experience. What say you?


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  1. Sri Kris / Dec 7 2011 9:20 am

    Yeah…even I noticed that he is very much down to earth. Being just friend to the family, he spared them his Honda Civic car for quite many days on marriage deeds. So nice of him.


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