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November 16, 2011 / subramanyam

Address the core issue.

          A Problem warrants a solution, nevertheless the solution should never warrant a new problem. Sounds too bland and common-sense  ???  True, however, the biggies in the National Commission for the Backward Castes (NCBC)  seem to give this logic a miss , at least for this time .

          Recently the commission has made some interesting proposals to raise the income limit for the candidates who come under the creamy layer.(Readers do know the fact that Candidates whose income limits place them under the creamy layer are not eligible for the  benefits under the OBC Quota ) The Commission proposes that the current creamy layer income limit of  Rs.4.5 Lakh be upgraded to Rs.12 Lakhs in Metros and Rs. 9 Lakhs in non metro cities. The commission, on its part, cites the stats which say that a number of jobs and a number of seats in the educational institutions (that fall under the OBC quota) have remained vacant due to the unavailability of suitable candidates.According to the commission, the current income limit  for the creamy layer is putting a number of eligible and well qualified candidates out of the eligibility zone and increasing this limit will help them fill these seats.

          This solution indeed is dangerous than the problem itself . One, it might grossly bypass the Supreme Court guideline to provide the affirmative action only to the needy.The supreme Court guidelines  are available here.

          Two, it still does not address the basic problem for which the reservations have come into picture, the very reason we have reservations is due to the fact that people in certain communities do need affirmative action so that they can compete with the people in the general category. On that,  the concept of creamy layer  was added so that the affirmative action reaches out to the person really deserving and the already empowered can make way for the more deserving candidate. Now, by increasing the limit to Rs 9 Lakh or Rs 12 Lakh , the law might bring everyone including the empowered OBC’s into the reservation ambit. Imagine a doctor’s /district collector’s son/daughter competing with  the son/daughter of poor farmer or a carpenter . We all know the result even before the fight begins, isn’t it ? .When will that person get the benefit , if all the fruits are eaten way by the already empowered member of his own community?

          The other core question, if a person makes Rs 9 lakh per annum and we are forced to believe that s/he is not empowered then who else is empowered in this country ??? If the NCBC is genuinely concerned regarding the plight of the OBC’s in the country , they should be giving suggestions on increasing the standards of  teaching in the schools where the poor of India study, they might come out with suggestions on helping the college going student who is not able to clear the interview, they should be suggesting on how government can chip in and help the OBC’s reduce the costs needed to get the proper education, if they do not do this and simply raise the income limits , the problem is going simply compound and the poor among the OBCs are going to bear the brunt.

          I believe NCBC is not that tactless that they do not know all these points , do they not know that this will only add to the misery of the already poor and less empowered sections of BC’s ??  the aam admi of this country with his aam intelligence can surely see the hidden “Hand” which is trying to get this done via NCBC,no prizes for guessing the motives of this luckless “Hand” ,2014 elections for beginners. 


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  1. shailendra wagadre / Nov 18 2011 11:37 pm

    The move of National Commission for Backward Classes New Delhi and Government of India to hike OBC creamy layer limit by Rs. 9 lakhs & Rs. 12 lakhs is appreciable. This should be impelmented immediately as time is coming for students to fill applications for admissions in IIT, AIEEE, AIMS, IIM, GATE etc. for session 2012-13 & for various JOBS. Because in 1992 Mandal decision and in 2008 IIT-IIM decision the Supreme Court directed to exclude only “CREAMY LAYER” from OBC reservation i.e. to exclude only 5% of OBCs {AS ONLY 5% CREAM EXISTS IN MILK}. Hence to give OBC reservation to rest 95% non creamy layer OBCs actually this limit should be raised to Rs. 15 Lakhs per anum otherwise it is contempt of COURT. This is not a below poverty line criteria. THIS LIMIT IS ALSO APPLICABLE TO GENERAL & SC-ST-OBC CANDIDATES AS ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA IN “CENTRAL SECTOR SCHOLARSHIP OF GOVT OF INDIA” OF Rs. 1000/2000 P.M. FOR COLLEGIATE STUDENTS}


    • Subramanyam K.V / Nov 19 2011 11:14 am

      Hi Shailendra
      Thank you for the comment , However , I believe I should disagree with you.

      The question is not about 5% creamy layer or 10% creamy layer , if a person making 9 lakh rupees per annum also asks from affirmative action (Reservation) to help himself/herself and his/her family get good jobs and education , then its like making a mockery of the reservation system itself.There should also be an economic criteria while doling out reservation benefits to the people in the society , that’s why Supreme Court came out with the creamy layer concept. What’s the necessity of having a reservation after the family is making more than 5 Lakh rupee per annum, they can afford good education, good food and good hygiene for their wards.Remember , Dr.B.R.Ambedkar also wanted reservations only till 20 years after the independence , he believed that once the empowerment comes they too can compete in the general category itself. If you keep doling out benefits in this fashion , the poor among OBC’s are going to suffer more than any one else , if the rich in their own community take away all the jobs and seats when will the un-empowered make it big in their lives ?? Please think about this.



      • Sri Kris / Nov 23 2011 9:18 am

        I do agree with you Subbu….Infact there should not be any reservation based on OBC /BC etc . Everything should be based on the economic criteria only. Of course we cannot fight for it now as the hidden hands already encashed Dr. Ambedkar’s altruistic proposal.
        Past is past…atleast we should try to see that boost should be to the persons we are CERTAINLY in need of that.
        OBCs themselves should voluntarily say that they don’t need increased creamy layer. If not …as you said, “If you keep doling out benefits in this fashion , the poor among OBCs are going to suffer more than anyone else , if the rich in their own community take away all the jobs and seats when will the un-empowered make it big in their lives” is 100% right.
        But who is unselfish?….

        Hope for the best…


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