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November 14, 2011 / subramanyam

NDTV , Swamy and the Dravidian Movement…

          Was going through some interesting content today , thought I ‘ll share it here .

           The first, I have always had my reservation against the pseudo-Secular media , many a time I criticised that most of the english media tries to promote INC and is not really secular in reporting the incidents. My close friends like Sai and Sri Krishna know this better than any one else. Today I came across this interesting piece about Prannoy James Roy , who heads NDTV.

          Any one who observes or follows NDTV a little closely, would accept the fact that they are shamelessly pro-congress. Here is an interesting piece that might help you connect the dots.

          The second thing I wanted to share is regarding Mr Subramaniam Swamy .The hero who exposed the 2G scam , he has a great history of doing stuff of this sort , you can find more about this “crusader against corruption” here .

          Last but not the least, can film reviews have a political touch ? that too when the film by and large steers away from politics.This is a very very interesting review which links the latest Surya Starrer  7aum arivu and thE Dravidian movement . Nice one indeed.


Happy reading …



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