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November 5, 2011 / subramanyam

Wake up before it’s too late …

          Sony Television airs a program called “Crime Patrol Dastak” at 11.00 P.M on Fridays and Saturdays. The program tries to educate the viewers on the crimes happening in the country and asks us to look for the instincts /behaviors that might lead to the crime. Recently I watched an episode, which made me learn about some of the harsh realities in the country.

          The story is somewhat like this , 15-year-old Seema who is studying in a school in New Delhi, gets lost while searching her best friend’s home. In the guise of helping her , another woman Harpreet kidnaps her and sells her to another woman in Haryana who in turn sells her to a prospective groom in a village in Haryana. The “Prospective groom ” buys her for a price of Rs. 50,000/- and makes her his wife . The 15 year old is then subjected physical ,mental ,sexual torture. The poor girl somehow  manages to contact her father after 3 months and the police rescued her.

            You can see the entire episode on you tube here.


            On the face of it , this might look like one more case of atrocities on women , looking a little deep we can see that we are in a bigger mess. The states of Punjab and Haryana have a very very poor male –female ratio. Years of unchecked female foeticides have left the more men than women in many parts of India. According to the Indian government, around 10 million girls have been killed, either before or immediately after birth, by their parents over the last few decades. The law that bans “scan tests” to forecast the sex of the baby in the womb is flouted almost every day in this country. 

            This  worrying trend is ,as expected, creating and fostering some very ugly crimes in this country , bride kidnapping is one , human trafficking is another , the worst part  is wife sharing which is now becoming  prevalent in the north-western parts of this country.

Click the link read more.

          The skewed sex ration might generate new problems also , the crimes on women would increase,prostitution or rather the patrons to prostitution  would increase,we might be seeing an increase on the sexual violence towards woman ,  the dearth of  women(at a marriageable age) might force men to marry younger women which would only add to the woes of the skewed sex ratio. Add these to the already existing problems and you would can see impending threat to our society.

           The 2011 census says that we have marginally improved when it comes sex ratio, according to the census, sex ratio has improved from 932.91 females per 1000 male in 2001 to 940.27 in 2011, the highest recorded sex ratio since the 1971 census. While this indeed looks like an improvement, the deeply disturbing part of the statistics is that 914.23 girls were born for every 1,000 boys in the age group 0-6, compared with 927.31 for every 1,000 boys in the 2001 census. This is the worst male-female ratio we have ever had in the post –Independence era.

            We have very stringent laws to curb all these, but one cannot bring transformation using only laws, again education is also not the only solution . Aren’t the people who do sex determination tests educated people ? aren’t the doctors who do the abortions clandestinely educated ? the change we require is at an attitude level the attitude that girls are a liability should go, the only way to do it is by creating awareness and projecting the success of women in all fields. We as citizens can and should spread awareness, our scope might be limited but will have an impact. The government is running campaigns but we have had little success from these things.As we know, movies and cricket have a huge impact on our masses , probably we should have movies on this theme and we should also have our cricketers promoting “beti bachaoo” in every way possible. At least that should have an impact and we should have the gender balance restored.

          The nation needs to wake up , the country is at danger incase this problem persists.Let’s wake up before it’ too late and spread the awareness.

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