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October 5, 2011 / subramanyam

Hyderabadi’s Blues

          As the “sakala janula samme” (general strike by all sections of people ) has entered the 3 rd week I as a resident of Hyderabad am getting a feeling that we have had enough. Merit or no merit in Telangana agitation, it’s high time we have a solution.

          I do not know whether it’s the solidarity of the people across all walks of life or it’s a mass hysteria, but , everyone , practically everyone is trying to prove that they are a hardcore telanganite.The way to prove thier commitment ? they are joining the strike .  Employees are on strike , the coal workers in singareni mines are on strike, news paper hawkers are on strike ,the list is long lawyers, rag pickers, barbers, priests ,vendors not to mention the RTC employees every one, practically everyone  says he/she(hey no gender discrimination here aa) is on strike.

          Most of the areas in the city are experiencing a power cut of at least 4 hours a day,(rural areas of A.P. are running without power for most of the day time)  no RTC buses hence the auto guys are going for a kill, same is the situation with the cab drivers as well, the other day I had to pay Rs 50 to come to punjagutta from Hi-tech city in a shared cab , guys who had been and are denizens of Hyderabad can probably understand how high it is.

people taking part in Rail roko asa part of Sakala Janula Samme

          MMTS is the lifeline of the city now, every day, every train is becoming jam packed,the ticket queues are running so long that at times it takes an hour for a person jut to obtain the ticket. The one thing that gives me pride is the fact that MMTS journey in Hyderabad can now compared with the local train journey of Mumbai, the crowd , (in)convenience ,cost everything matches. :-). Once in while the Political Joint Action Committee (JAC) of Telangana calls for Bandh of these services also (they did this twice in the last 3 weeks)one should listen the gaalis the common public gives to Government and the JAC leaders on such days , you will see the true frustration coming out.

          I am a salaried employee , my company provides me transport from the company premises to the MMTS railway station, I have a work from home option and still  I am feeling agitated with these bandhs and all ,now  whats the case of a person who lives on a daily wage or one who is a vegetable or a fruit vendor , these people have to work everyday to make the ends meet and on the day of the bandh these are people who are the hardest hit. Given the fact that the prices of all essential commodities are soaring (thanks to the bandh) how is this class going to survive?

          Today , “Calling for strike and causing public inconvenience has become the only way to draw attention to the Telangana cause.” It would be bad to blame only the Political Joint Action Committee (JAC) of Telangana for this mess, the indecisiveness of the Central government is also to blame, at least Kiran Kumar Reddy is doing some thing by getting some essential services to work , but what’s the centre doing? Are they blind and deaf to A.P.’s woes?

          As I mentioned earlier , a dialogue and a consensus within the ruling party is extremely essential, it’s time the centre initiates the debate as to what special privileges they  would give to Telangana in case we have a united Andhra Pradesh or What package would they give to Rayalaseema and Andhra areas incase a they want to carve out a separate Telangana .

          Last but not the least , tour operators in Hyderabad are only guys other than autowallahs who seem to be having a dream run , with so many hyderabadi’s planning to leave the city for short and sweet vacations ,there’s truly a festive mood among the tour operators.


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