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August 28, 2011 / subramanyam

Munshi Premchandji’s books — Roothi Rani , Prema and Pratigya

         The addiction to T.V. is one of my biggest and bad addictions, I am such a bad T.V. addict that I forget the world around me when I am watching something on T.V. Again it’s not that I watch only the programs that make sense, I watch almost everything that comes there,such bad addict I am .

          Lately  I realized this is killing every other aspect of my weekend and started staying away from the T.V as much as possible, and am trying devote that time to general reading . It’s not that I did not do any general reading before, I keep reading both fiction and non-fiction , but the pace is very slow. Now I am devoting a good amount of my weekend time for this and am seeing good progress, hence happy about it.

          Recently I was reading Munshi Premchand’s novels,I finished 3 of them now, Roothi Rani , Prema and Pratigya . Well I am not writing a review for any of them(simple reason , I’m not of the calibre even to speak about Munshi Premchandji , leave alone writing a review on his work ) but I am writing a sort of blurb for them.

          In all the three books we have very strong women characters, in Roothi raani we see a woman who has a lot of self-respect, who does not take things lying down, a woman who fights for her honor and keeps her commitment till the end of her life. It’s a very very inspiring tale a of a great rani who lived in India .

          Pratigya and Prema are two wonderful books , it’s a like a same theme with two different narrations and thus 2 novels. Here there would be a central character  who sticks to his ideals , who wishes to reform the society and fight the existing social evils and gives away everything he has for that ideals, the obstacles he faces in introducing those reforms , the opposition he gets from the society are all wonderfully depicted in both the books.The books rotate round the theme of Widow re-marriage and would be gripping to read. Again woman characters will have a very strong role to play in these books also.

           I loved the experiment because , same theme, same set of characters(believe me even then names do not change ) but 2 different narrations, 2 different fictional accounts  made them two novels , I loved this idea and enjoyed reading both of them.I liked the individual characterizations in Pratigya but liked the story of  Prema  more . Munshi Premchandji just takes us into that 1910’s -1920’s era of India and gives us a true glimpse of that day’s society to us.

          My recommendation , do read these books and you will not regret your decision . Carmello books are publishing the  English version of  Munshi Premchand ji’s books and the books are also not priced high , you can get these books for Rs 100/- which I believe I very affordable price to read such good ones.

Happy reading  


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