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July 13, 2011 / subramanyam

Need of the hour on Telangana.

          The Central Government’s (Government of India) approach to the issue of separate statehood to Telangana has been one of “inaction or acting in haste”. The people of A.P. are bearing the brunt for this . Today in A.P. Investments are going back, Hyderabad is losing its sheen as a IT-hub  regular bandhs and other agitations are breaking the back of the aam admi , the job creation and new opportunities of growth are on an all time low and the economy of the state looks crippled.

          The centre’s approach is drawing flak from all quarters and the UPA govt and the Congress party having none but themselves to blame for this fiasco. A series of decisions have either been strategic blunders or decisions taken in haste.    

Frequent Bandhs and agitations in the state are affecting the people badly.

          First in the lot is December 9 2009 announcement by the home minister of India. When K.Chandra Sekhara Rao started his “fast unto death” to achieve the separate Telangana state and the fast after 8 days or so the home minister of India  declared that the centre was starting the process for the creation of the separate Telangana state. They took this decision without even consulting their own M.P.’s (  i.e. M.P.’s from Indian National Congress) from Coastal Andhra and the RayalaSeema regions .

          When this decision invited the wrath of the people from Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions the central government retracted and the same home minister made another statement on 23rd December 2009 saying that they will try for a consensus.This angered people and party leaders in the Telangana region and the things went for a toss again.

          In January 2010 the government formed  Sri Krishna commission under the leadership of Justice B.N.Srikrishna  and asked the commission to submit a  report on this issue by 31st Decemeber 2010. Unlike many other commissions that keep consuming time , Sri Krishna committee has come out with its report within the stipulated time and proposed some 6 possible solutions for this problem.

         The committee gave its report on  30th December 2010 and if we look at what the government has done in the last 6 months with the report in hand , we will only have to draw a blank . The central government which keeps talking about achieving a unified opinion on this issue does not have a unified opinion in its own party . Did the centre at least speak to its own 33 M.P.’s from the congress party and did it make them agree to one solution ?

          We did not see any step from the Congress party and the centre in this direction. The M.P.’s and the MLA’s of the ruling party are as divided as ever on this issue. I strongly believe that the centre should at least initiate a time bound dialogue in its own party(the Indian National Congress) first. This would at least break the ice and make the leaders from all the three regions talk about their problems and would eventually help the party reach a consensus point which is acceptable to people of all three regions. This process should be time bound and the result should be out in say some 3-4 months.This would also put pressure on TeluguDesam and other parties to speak in one voice instead of the dual tongued approach they are adopting today.

          This would also help the tensions subside in all the three regions of A.P. and would drive us towards a more inclusive and comprehensive solution to the separate Telangana state problem. This  would also prevent the central government from taking “some make in haste and later repent decisions”.

          Dialogue within the ruling Congress party is an urgent need of the hour, the simple reason being they are the people who are in the power right now and they are the people who should provide the solution to this burning problem of separate statehood.

          Hoping to see  that “one stand and one voice” coming out of Indian National Congress soon.


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  1. bsaikrishna / Jul 17 2011 10:23 am

    Well written!! Let us what the INC has in store?



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