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July 6, 2011 / subramanyam

It’s AnantaPadmanabha Swamy’s Wealth

         I was just watching a program on TV9 , it was a dedicated news item on the newly found treasure at  AnantaPadmanaabha Swamy  temple in Tiruvanantapuram.

          If the details are to be believed the total gold and jewellery of SrI Ananta Padmanaabha Swamy temple would now amount to One Lakh crore rupees or $22.3 billion. The kings of Travancore have dedicated most of these things for the service of the Lord.Raja Marthanda Varma the king who is said to have done the last major renovation to the temple ,dedicated himself and his kingdom to Lord Padmanabha Swamy and said that he and his dynasty would rule the state as “Padmanabha Dasas” (servants of Padmanabha).

        All this wealth was hidden in the secret vaults of the Temple for hundreds of years. Now due to a recent judgment of the Supreme Court of India , the vaults have been opened and the wealth is being measured.


Sree-padmanabhaswamy-temple Tiruvanantapuram

          Well, all this is good. Winding up the 30 minute news item on the treasures of Anantapadmanaabha Swamy temple , the news anchor was saying that Government of India should intervene now and use this money for schemes that would benefit people. I somehow am against this, this is due to 2 things .

  1.   This is God’s wealth, all these are offerings made by devotes to God, So even if anyone wants to interfere, one can only use that money for the development of the temple and increasing the amenities of the devotees.
  2.   We know what sort of people are at the helm of affairs in this country ,CWG,2G ,Adarsh and other scams are still very very  fresh in our memories, we all know where the money would go if it falls into the hands of the greedy politicians.

Hence I would say , let the wealth remain as it is, or spend it only to improve the amenities at the temple , no need to drag the wealth into government and government schemes. What’s your take on this ? please respond by posting a comment.  



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  1. Ananth / Jul 27 2011 5:11 pm

    Yes you are 100% correct. We dont want another scam by the politicians.
    The temple wealth should be used to increase the devotion of devotees and make more bhaktas.
    It can also be given to other temples which dont even have money to paint the walls or have broken structures


    • Subramanyam K.V. / Jul 27 2011 11:52 pm

      Very true Ananth, I liked your idea that this money can be used to renovate other old temples across the country.

      Thanks you for you comment.



  2. ram / Feb 26 2012 11:35 pm

    i agree………….with this


  3. sreeram / Mar 30 2012 6:37 pm

    may be i am late post this comment,but i think they can form a trust in the name of padmanabha swamy,and spend it for the well being of the poor,(by that i mean,we see a lot of appeals by poor people for money regarding a surgery or something everyday on news papers,may be we can help them,after all,manavaseva is madhavaseva right? ).we can have a retired high court judge as the chairman of the trust,and make a plausible mechanism to constantly overlook their doings.
    what renovation can we do on the temple with this huge amount of money?
    keeping this money in the temple has created problem for government and devotees.

    and please don’t be so pessimistic about our system,yes there are problems,but by making efficient mechanisms we can overcome them.
    (i am a person in trivandrum)


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