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June 29, 2011 / subramanyam

Condemn the atrocities on Tamils in Sri Lanka.

          ManiVannan’s comment on my blog post that, EELAM was a big factor in the recent Tamilnadu elections made me read about the situation of Tamils in Sri Lanka .

          I do remember watching a video some time after Velupillay Prabhakaran’s  death in which it was shown that the captured LTTE soldiers were made to stand in a line and were shot down mercilessly . But then I was neither sure of the authenticity of the video nor was liking LTTE’s way of doing things and hence did not really bother to read anything about it.

          I came across some interesting links as I was browsing, one thing is clear there were gross human right violations during the war, the analysts who take sides who try to project that the human right violations were largely because of the actions of the opponents. For example a Tamil analyst would say that all this is because of the Sri Lankan armed forces while a Sri Lankan official spokes person would blame it on LTTE. Nevertheless it was Tamils who died, it Tamils who got displaced and it the Tamil women who were assaulted sexually , as the war happened in the Tamil Dominated areas of northern Sri Lanka.

          The Sinhala —Tamil conflict of Sri Lanka dates back to 1940’s . Tamils in Sri Lanka have been facing repression since then, after the British left the shores of the island nation in 1948, the Sinhalese dominated government of the new independent nation passed a citizenship act by which a million Tamils lost their citizenship and voting rights. Later when Sinhala was made the country’s only official language Tamils were completely on the backfoot as that nearly meant  that “no government jobs for Tamils”. Moderate Tamil Politicians tried buying some truce , but none of their proposals became a reality and the vexed up Tamil youth had picked up arms in late 1970’s. Velupillay Prabhakaran’s entry into this scene saw the birth of LTTE and that started one of  fiercest armed struggles of our generation.

          This particular blog post has got nothing to do with LTTE or the cause LTTE represented.Not just today , on any day  I will not approve LTTE’s actions. I am not even a sympathizer of Prabhakaran, leave alone being a supporter. Terror and violence in any form should never ever be supported.

          But I write this to point out the genocide that was committed against Tamils in Sri Lanka. Some stats put that around 36000 people were killed in the war due to the excesses of the Sri Lankan army ,some say it is in lakhs .The veracity of the claims needs to be established but many reports  including one by the UN put the Sri Lanka Government on sticky wicket in this issue. They say that Sri Lankan military committed heinous war crimes both on the civilians as well as Prisoners Of War(read captured LTTE soldiers).  

          It’s unfortunate that our national media is not giving the required coverage to the cause of Tamils, more so after the  channel4’s videos on this.  certain footage of these has been authenticated by the UN and has been declared as evidence of definitive war crimes by the UN Special Rapporteur on extra-judicial killings”. While I can do little on media’s attitude towards this I thought I can at least pass on the word using this post.

Here are some useful links.

Britain has even tabled a motion on these war crimes.

Some 30,000 people assembled in Marina beach to protest this on 26th June 2011 how many of the mainstream channels of nation media showed this.

          Please make people aware of this genocide , I reiterate let’s not support the excesses of LTTE , we should condemn them, but at the same time we cannot be oblivious to the plight of the struggling Tamils of Sri Lanka.

Please correct me incase I got any of the facts wrong but do pass on this message.


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  1. Manivannan / Jul 12 2011 6:32 pm

    Thanks for your post buddy. The people outside of TN in India dont have clear picture about the Srilankan tamils issue. It seems you have done good home work to write it.

    I also suggest you to read to know the other side (LTTE’s) view of the issue so that you can come to a final conclusion.


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