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June 9, 2011 / subramanyam

May God give him peace.

May God give him peace

          Renowned artist painter M.F.Hussain passed away today , may God bless his soul with peace.

          It’s a grave crime to speak ill about people who have left their mortal bodies. But the way media is singing paeans of him and the way some sections are saying that M.F.Hussain had to leave India due to communal and narrow minded elements are indeed disturbing me. That’s what is prompting me to write this article.

          Now friends , freedom of speech is one thing hate speech is another, I can speak many many things about the greatness of the religion I follow but in the process I should not start criticizing other religions and people who follow them to an extent where it hurts their beliefs and sentiments. Same is the case with creativity art or anything you  speak of, once should not cross the line of ethics and decency in the name of creativity.

          Unfortunately it happened with the case of M.F.Hussain.In the name of creativity M.F.Hussain painted Hindu Gods and Goddesses nude . And he did this many times. This naturally has hurt the sentiments of Hindus in this country. The aggrieved Hindus went to court and I do not know what he feared , probably fear of getting arrested or something else but he chose to leave India in 2006. He left the country stating that “matters are so legally complicated that I have been advised not to return home”. He accepted the citizenship of Qatar in 2010.

          We all are humans and we do err, that’s accepted but if you become insensitive to public protests and continue to go in your on maverick ways, people do go to courts  for justice and if one feels that he is” just” in his actions he can prove it in the court of law .How can we support the actions of a person who has run away from the country instead of fighting the legal battle ?

          The paintings of M.F.Hussain which landed him in controversy can be seen here.  Please do not take offence when you see them ,may this act of mine be forgiven,  it’s not my pleasure sharing them , even I am ashamed while sharing this link.It is just about bringing the truth out.  I am sharing them just the very same way a lawyer presents an uncomfortable but useful evidence in a court. Here is the link ,scroll down on the page to see the most controversial ones.

          India has always been sensitive to the sentiments of people, a movie like Davincicode was put off screens as some parts of it have the hurt religious sentiments of some people , Indian Politicians and people from Government of India asked Denmark to take action on the cartoonist who drew a caricature of Prophet Mohammad as it was in way hurting the sentiments of Muslim brothers in India, we were the second country in the world who banned Rushdie’s Satanic verses. In fact I feel aggrieved when I see mother India (Bharatmata) painted naked and I do have every right to protest such stuff when it is  done under the mask of creativity. Most of the cases that were filed against him come under this category alone, so I believe M.F.Husain brought all this on him by himself. Moreover if one observes his paintings closely one understands that he goes nowhere near nudity while painting anything related to Islam or a Muslim but paints maa Durga, Sita, Hanuman and many other deities nude.What message is he giving out by doing this? He must have been a great painter but as a human being he must have been more sensitive towards the emotions of 80 crore Hindus in the world.

          The intention of this post is only to bring some truths on why some of the Hindu organizations protested and filed cases against M.F.Husain . You must have got a clear picture after seeing the photographs in the link .However all that is history now, as they say “Enmity may exist as long as a person is alive but after death the only thing you should do is to pray that the Soul rests in peace”

 RIP M.F.Husain ,may God the Almighty grant peace to the departed soul.



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  1. Varun Jilla / Jun 10 2011 12:05 pm

    nice and neat ,useful compilation ra…
    keep it up 🙂


  2. Azad / Jun 11 2011 10:23 am

    Beautifully written! You put forward your point decently and respectfully. I wanted to write on the same lines but after reading this post I dont think that would be required.



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