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May 27, 2011 / subramanyam

‘Single’ Politicians

          “By persistently remaining single a person converts himself/herself into a public sensation” yeah , you got it right , this is a gender free version of Oscar Wilde’s famous quote on  people who choose to and remain single in their lives. As Oscar Wilde rightly says, people who remain single throughout their lives mostly end up receiving more attention than they want /intend/deserve. You would notice that they would always remain special and people make a special mention of them most of the times. That’s the reason why you have this article here , on the bachelors and spinsters of Indian Politics.

           What has politics got to do with marriage? Will Politicians who choose to remain single deliver better than their married counterparts? The answer is yes , politicians who have chosen to remain single have indeed shown that they are different from their married counterparts .

          The first thing is governance: In terms of governance the bachelor /spinster politicians prove that they have a stronger grip over the administration and governance. It’s not that their married counterparts did not have that grip over administration; the fact here is that the ones who chose to remain single show that they have an iron grip and are the ones who do not yield that easily.

          Two : Greater connect with masses, the politicians who chose to remain single seem to have this as a natural advantage, take any one them the right from Atal ji ,Modi,Naveen Patnaik,JayaLalitha Mamata di or for that matter  Uma Bharati  these people have proved themselves to be crowd pullers and they never needed any one else to canvass for them , they themselves were and are the game changers on any given day.

          No family, hence no dy‘nasty’ politics , hence cleaner politics to that extent, talent gets a bigger boost hers and probably that’s the reason we see these guys create better teams around themselves .

          On the issue of corruption, we see stark differences between Bachelor and spinster politicians, while “male and chosen to be single politicians” have been very clean and non-corrupt their female counterparts have been otherwise .for example, one cannot point a finger on Atalji, Chitta Basu,Narendra Modi or for that matter Naveen Patnaik on the issue of corruption. When it comes to corruption all of them have maintained a very clean image .However it has not been the case with Jaya and Maya there have been serious allegations against both these women on the corruption front. While Uma Bharti did taste power she had been there for very little time (as C.M of M.P.) to come to a conclusion .Mamata di has come to power now and I believe (in fact wishing that) she proves my theory of spinster politicians being prone to corruption wrong. Mamata di , prove me wrong and maintain a clean image.

          One negative thing with these “Chosen to be single” politicians is that they tend to be more autocratic and less accommodating than their male counterparts, we see this with almost all of them , the only exception probably is Atal ji, but all others have invited at least some criticism for their autocratic ways.

          Well that’s about the bachelor /spinster C.M’s and P.M’s of this country, while one cannot undermine  the contributions made by the politicians who were married ,the ones who chose to be single  guys seem to have a little edge over  the others. But they too come with their own shortcomings making a generalization more complicated.




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