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May 18, 2011 / subramanyam

Election Results and the UPA

          Despite finishing the 5 state election @ 3-2 in its favor the Congress led UPA govt at the centre has some serious introspection to do.

          First and foremost, people of India have clearly given out message that they are not going tolerate corruption ,a win for a DMK-Congress alliance would have sent different signals but the alliance got routed out to the extent that they do not have enough seats even to be the principle opposition in the state . The result from Tamilnadu sends the voters message loud and clear, voters are not going to accept corruption and UPA which is in scandal after the other needs to do some serious introspection and regain its credibility.

         Two, rise of regional leaders is definitely a lot of concern for the national parties , as we see it these days the regional satraps are calling more shots than the national leaders,Gogoi won Assam more with a personal charisma than with the national image of Congress,Mamata and Jaya are anyway leaders of regional parties,oomen chandy might be an exception but again in Pondicherry Rangasamy who is regional leader and who was ousted out of congress a few months ago handed congress a defeat to remember.

          The rise of regional Satraps in National parties is not something new, we saw it with Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy (YSR) in A.P. It was YSR who led the Congress party to victory in 2004 and 2009.Many voters in A.P. connect more with him than with the Indian national Congress.Proving this theory correct , Jagan mohan Reddy (YSR’s son and president of YSR Congress Party in A.P.) has won the Kadapa parliament seat with a 5 lakh plus majority . He came out Congress and formed his own outfit as he felt Congress was insulting him . Interestingly Congress (though it came second )has lost its deposit in Kadapa. That shows the power of regional leaders in the pan-Indian national party.

          These things do matter as about 1/5th of Indians total electorate has voted in the recently concluded polls for the five states and voter turnout was nearly 80 percent. So if the UPA does not wake up at least now , it’s going to face music in the 2014 general election.

           Well, with all the serious stuff over time for some trivia, Stree Shakti is guarding India in all directions now;proof…. India is now ruled by Amma in South; Didi in East; Behenji in North; Aunty in the Capital; Madam in Center. Isn’t this great????



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  1. Manivannan / Jun 5 2011 11:50 pm

    As you said, in TN, the DMK-Congress defeat is because of the corruption also. But more importantly, because of Eelam issue. If DMK was not with Congress, DMK would have won in the election. But DMK has no other choice other than being in alliance with Congress because of 2G scam. So ultimately we can say the 2G was the problem.


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