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May 11, 2011 / subramanyam

Needed …… Recognition and Friendship

          The prime minister of India Dr.Manmohan Singh is going to visit Afghanistan tomorrow , it’s expected that this visit of Dr Manmohan Singh would improve ties between both the nations.

          We have been actively involved in rebuilding Afghanistan,the Government of India has spent about 250 million US Dollars to rebuild about 700 kilometers of Road in Afghanistan ,every year about 1000 students of Afghanistan utilize the scholarships provided by Government of India and they come to India to Study . The Indian Government has extended this scheme to post graduates from this year , using which some 300 additional students can come down and study.Not just this we have been working on a number of other things and are putting our best foot forward in rebuilding Afghanistan.

          In spite of all this , the biggies in Kabul are really afraid of acknowledging and declaring India as an able ally ,the reason they are fearing Taliban.The fear of Taliban is making them get more closer to Pakistan than to India.The very same Pakistan is emboldening Taliban to create unrest in Afghanistan on one hand and is claiming that it is helping the Afghanistan Government to fight terror on the other. On the contrary India is extending honest and genuine cooperation and is still having problems in getting the Afghan Government on its side. If the Afghan leaders are afraid of acknowledging our contributions and our friendship  publicly , we need to really think where we are standing.We should support Afghanistan in rebuilding itself but we should also get the required recognition and strategic depth for what ever things we do.

          If there is nation doles out a lot of help to its neighbors and wins hatred instead of friendship it’s India, this happened to us with Bangladesh ,with Sri Lanka and I only hope it does not happen with Afghanistan and lets hope Dr.Manmohan Singh would put the foundations for this during this visit.


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