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April 25, 2011 / subramanyam

Om Sai Ram


          Most of us donot know how God looks, but for millions of devotees and seekers around the world God means Bhagawan Sri Satya SaiBaba.We never know what motivates them and what brings them to Puttapathi, but they do come, have Baba’s   Darshan and feel at peace. What did Baba do ? What did they get from Baba that they dedicate their lives for their Service ???

          “I have Divinity in Me —You too have Divinity in you, the only difference is I have seen the divinity and brought it out and you are still unable to realize the divinity…..   Satyam, Dharmam, Santhi, Prema, Ahimsa are the core principles which through which you can attain moksha” was what Baba told people .

          He focused on the importance of service to humanity , he said that Service to humanity is the service to divinity as Lord dwells in the hearts of everyone. He declared that he did not belong to any religion and said that all religions preached the same thing, he wanted his devotees to “Love all and Serve all ” and again he asked people to live very disciplined lives and was particularly be very cautious that one should not hurt anyone, he said  “Help ever-Hurt never” and He did not restrict Himself just to words . Satya Sai Trust and volunteers are seen in forefront in various activities of community service.

         Satya Sai Trust runs schools colleges and universities in 100+ countries and the education here is completely free of cost. The Satya sai super specialty hospitals in Puttaparthi and  Bengaluru provide all  forms of treatment including by-pass surgeries free of cost.Satya Sai trust has spent nearly 800 crore rupees and is today providing safe water to more than 2 million people across 1000+ villages in various states of India. These are just a few of the activities Satya Sai Trust does, the innumerable eye and medical camps they conduct , the relief they offer when Natural calamities occur in any part of the world ,the relief they provide in the war-torn nations of Africa are phenomenal. The best part in their service is that they do not use service as a means to convert people from any faith to any other faith, all they say is om SaiRam and after the service is done they just leave that place.

         Baba always asked people to love their fellow beings,Foster Love,spread Love live in Love God is Love was one of his sayings ,He used to say that LOVE must express itself as SERVICE.The Satya Sai Trust and Seva Dal always did this in letter and Spirit.He also emphasized on discipline he used to say that a disciplined life is essential for the spiritual awakening to happen in any person, he never accepted anyone neglecting his duties , “Work is worship” and “Duty is God” are two wonderful quotations he gave to people .

         I believe all these things gave peace to the people who came to Him. The divine  power He had, the spiritual energy He emitted , the miracles He showed and the peace He gave to the hearts made people His ardent devotees,Today they say that there is no country where Sai’s message has not reached ,such is the power of Sai’s love and Sai’s message to the world.

          There are many critics who criticize Sai and His miracles, Sai stuck to His principle of Help ever—Hurt never and never criticized them. When a devotee asked Him why He does  not go with any action against the people who criticize Him, Sai said you Love me and derive happiness out of it, they hate me and derive happiness out of it, I only want both of you to be Happy, That is the love of Sai. Even today, after his demise in the morning we are seeing some people criticize Him  ,well it would be great if they can observe some restraint at least now, One thing I would like to remind people here is that, you would have seen hoardings, banners pamphlets and many other things about many other preachers from all religions, you would see invites to join their groups and convocations,You might see people distributing pamphlets about their faith/religion in places of worship of other religion people ,but did you ever see a hoarding, a pamphlet or a conversion attempt from Satya Sai Organizations? You wouldn’t , they never ask you to leave your faith .That’s the greatness of Sai.

         Today Baba has left physical body obeying the law of nature, but He is still there with all of us in spirit, the light He showed will guide the generations to come.

Om Sai Ram

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