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April 22, 2011 / subramanyam

A few changes we despearately need….

          Make statements —-retract—-then claim that you were forced to make the statements or to retract, if possible go back on the statement again —– this has become the case with the probe into Gujarat 2002 riots. The cases drag on even today, we have seen it in the best bakery case and are seeing it in many other cases as well.

          One trend I see in media (its commonsense by now), any statement against Modi receives the highest popularity in the shortest span of time , Particularly the pseudo-secular news channels, they leave no stone unturned in speaking against Modi. All the positives and development initiatives and the good work done by him are forgotten for one Godhra and Gujarat riots. People already call him guilty while he is just accused.The same channels do their best in diverting public attention when the UPA Government is in a spot to bother, they continue tainted people as journalists and run shows with them even if their names come out in power broker deals and tapes.

          Can we have a stronger judiciary in place where we can stop people from going back on the statement, I do not know if we have laws with respect to this , incase we have such laws are they being implemented ??? Can we implement some strong ones to discourage people from going back on their statements, I think that will dissuade people from making false claims in the first place.

          The second thing ; can we have a media that does not work like an agent to any specific party ? These changes are needed at the earliest for us to function as a proper democracy. We as people in civil society should raise our voice for this;for, things will not change unless the civil society stands up and asks for it. We have seen this in the Jan-Lokpal bill ,Haven’t we ???


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