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April 17, 2011 / subramanyam

Let’s not get carried away…..


          Two weeks ago when the men in blue lifted the prized ICC CWC 2011 ,I was one of the fans jumping in joy in front of my TV set. Yeah I was waiting for this since 1992, back then I was 8 years old and it was the first time I was cheering for India.The wait is finally over and we are the champions today the happiness and the joy are simply things that cannot be explained in words.

          I enjoyed almost all of the India matches, loved the way the men in blue raised the standards during the knockout phase and am happy that we won the cup, it was heartening to see Sachin having his hands on the cup. Finally the much deserved World Cup went to the little master.

          Having said all that I should now speak about the stuff I did not like,I know most of the people reading this might feel bad but it’s the truth .Some sections of the Indian fans did not behave responsibly during the world cup, the moment India-Australia match was over we had chain mails of morphed photographs where it was depicted that Yuvraj was hammering Ponting with his bat,another photograph depicts sachin as God and Australians bowing before him ,all of these are morphed images and we were just enjoying looking at the funny side of things. And immediately after the high –voltage India –Pakistan match similar stuff appeared , In fact one of the Indian Celebs tweeted a link with such a photograph. Then after the finals , you see tweets and status messages in FB again in bad taste and language, In fact some people in Mumbai were depicting Sachin as Vishnu , God.

          Please!!! Where are we going? Where is our tolerance going? Young men and women who were forwarding those chain mails who were tweeting those links were for all reasons graduates ,Are these well qualified young men and women so immature that they take pleasure in forwarding such nasty stuff ? Or were they carried away by the temporary emotion? I think the second one was the reason , but e cannot get carried away like that.

          Imagine a case where we would have lost our quarter final match and someone in Australia morphs the images and we happen to have a look at them, I know the outcome, half of the pages in Facebook and Orkut would be swelling with abusive comments against the Aussies.

          We need to behave in a more matured way; look at sport as sport only and our patriotism should not turn into jingoism or chauvinism. It’s not that I am free of all of these and am lecturing people on this. I am just trying to come out of these  and thought that sharing this in a public forum would help.



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