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April 6, 2011 / subramanyam

Support Anna Hazare , Support Jan Lokpal bill

We are indebted to Anna Hazare for picking the cudgels against corruption; the Jan Lokpal bill is a necessity for us to fight corruption. Here are a few things that Jan Lokpal bill can give us. (These are actually the proposals for Jan Lokpal bill.)

1.     Lokpal will be an independent institution which can take up complaints from public and start investigation. People will be able to complain directly to Lokpal and Lokpal can take the investigation against any one on its own, you do not require anyone’s permission to do so.

2.    Lokpal will not just be an advisory body to the govt, once the investigation is done then Lokpal will be able summon anyone for questioning, however big he/she is .

3.    Lokpal should be given police powers which will give them the teeth ,going forward the lokpal itself can file FIR’s and can handle prosecution. Along with this the branch of CBI that handles cases which are with respect corruption should be merged with Lokpal. This helps us build a full-fledged   system against corruption.

4.    Lokpal should have provisions to stop miscellaneous and wrong complaints by imposing huge fines. At the same time Lokpal should have provisions to prosecute and take disciplinary actions against the people who indulge in corruption.

5.    All three branches: the politicians, the bureaucrats and judges all three of them should be made answerable to Lokpal. No one including the prime minister of India should be above Lokpal . Lokpal should have provisions to summon even the prime minister of India (if required) for questioning.

6.    For any cases that Lokpal  takes up the investigation should be over within a year , the cross-examination ,questioning and all other prosecution related tasks should complete in the next one year.

7.    Lokpal should have 10 members including the chairman, four of these members would be people who have knowledge on Law (they need not essentially be Judges/Ex-Judges).the rest should be picked from other sectors.

8.    The people picked up for Lokpal should be eminent personalities such as Magsaysay award winners , the Chief election commissioner , probably people associated with CAG etc. They should be of Indian origin.  

9.    Lokpal cannot close a case without hearing the complainant’s version completely.

10.  The loss to the government should be recovered from the person indulged in corruption.

11.   The complainant who fills the complaint against the government or a person misusing his office should be given complete protection.

12.  The minimum tenure of punishment should be 5 years of imprisonment and the max should be life term.

13.  Lokpal should have the authority to take action on the complaints against judges as well.

14.  In case the charges of corruption get proved against a person ,he/she should be dismissed from the post and necessary disciplinary action should be taken up on  the person.

(Source: this was given in some 17 points in the telugu newspaper eenadu, I translated them into English, my apologies in case I made any mistakes during the translation.)

          A very very good proposal isn’t it? Donno who drafted this ,I think Anna Hazare himself must have drafted this ,however I am not sure , but this is what Anna is fighting for  This bill should be brought up in parliament immediately and each and every M.P. should prove his honesty by voting in favour of the bill.

                That will create a strong institution to fight corruption in India.

Jago , support Anna  Hazare and  build the pressure on the government to table the Jan- Lokpal bill in Parliament.

Jai Hind.




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  1. GIRISH CHANDRA PANT / Apr 7 2011 10:49 am

    Dear Annaji,
    We all citizens of India are with U & belive we will win in this true patriotism,dedication sprit.

    Our best wishes with U Sir.
    Thanks & Regards
    G.C Pant


  2. uttam Agarwal / May 16 2011 1:00 pm

    Yes, We need to support Anna Hazare.


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