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March 30, 2011 / subramanyam

De-link Cricket and Diplomacy

              The Indian government is now doing cricket diplomacy , but why ? What was the action taken by the Pakistani government on  the 26/11 master-minds? “We cannot afford to have Pakistan’s territory being used for terror against India” Can we push Pakistan for a statement on this  at least now? The reports say that “the Home Secretaries of India and Pakistan met on Tuesday and decided to take forward the dialogue process” Why are we restarting a formal dialogue with Pakistan when it is becoming clear that Islamabad has not taken any stern action against perpetrators of the 26/11 attacks and has not stopped allowing its soil for terror activities against India? What we are doing might look magnanimous and large heartedness  but somewhere somehow I believe we are giving out an impression that we  are a soft nation .My question ,Why invite Gilani for the match ? Don’t you think  the presence of the prime ministers is going to only add up pressure on the players and affect them from playing their natural game? 

          First ,why link cricket to terror , when 26/11 happened we broke all sporting ties with Pak and today we are again starting ties on a cricket field , can’t we see cricket just as sport and de-link other stuff from it.  

          The media is making the best of this news, they are trying to attach sentiments ,26/11 and everything to this one match ,is it all required? 

          India will meet Pakistan @ Mohali in 2 hours from now. The entire country is getting geared up for this nerve-racking semi final of the world cup. I think the hype which is being created for this match is uncalled for , We are creating unnecessary pressure on the players by creating all this unnecessary brouhaha. End of day it is a game of cricket and let’s see it just as a contest between bat and ball , let’s not attach emotions ,nations ,diplomacy and other stuff to it .  

         I as an Indian fan am dreaming of India lifting the cup that counts, so I am cheering for India to win this match and meet SriLanka  @ Wankhede.The very thought of any other result is very very tough to bear. However ,at the same I also make a promise that I would not react violently or start a tirade against the Indian cricket team in case the day is not theirs.



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