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March 26, 2011 / subramanyam

Are we going in the Right Direction?

          Our history confirms that earlier, India was one of the richest countries with high traditional values and culture in the globe. Various invasions from all over the globe to India and the long British rule, had made it lose its wealth , treasure and culture . While natural resources could be made good over a period of time , the eroded high spiritual values and the influence of western and outsider’s culture would not be that easy for repair , unless every Indian along with the elected leaders of the parliament , jointly make a consolidated , determined and sincere effort to recover the same. 

          The constitution of a country would be based on its core spiritual and traditional values , as they are its nationally upheld value system . The American Constitution engulfs the core values of life as liberty, equality, fraternity , pursuit of happiness , truth and common goods. These core values are taught right from the early ages to the American Children at schools, so that the country never loses its core values at any part of time.

          The European constitution, which is a bit conservative believe in living together as a family in unison and encouraging the philosophy of give and take policy. 

          Being one of the biggest democracies in the world , India always believed in maintaining its heritage , traditional values and culture , treating all the elders, parents and teachers with due respect . During the time of our forefathers, youngsters, never sat at the same level, crossing their legs before elders , would never answer back without any respect and would never call elders by their first names, leave alone calling them by nick names as in modern times. This was not due to any fear of older people or an autocratic situation or a feeling of slavery . Our ancient works and literature described these as an accepted normal behavior and we Indians followed the same.Due to this special type of core values, which we developed over a long period, we were respected all over the globe. We maintained a separate status in the world. We also included in our core values , the aspect of respecting women folk in society , respect for the aged , having sympathy for the sick and attending on the poor and downtrodden with empathy .

          Our constitution also included security for all citizens, equality , liberty and fraternity. The founding fathers  believed in classless society , where all are treated equal and would live in perfect harmony. they never accepted encouragement of untouchability in any form . Similarly we never accepted drinking and handling of drugs as our way of life. We always encouraged equality for women in all our activities , as the women folk played a very important role in the shaping of the human race in the country. We believed in perfect non violence and maintaining friendly relationship with all people around in the world. It is not that we were basically timid people. It is because , we strongly believed that such an India could only be our dream land.

          But unfortunately , under the pretext of modernization , development , freedom for all , love for the money and status coupled with the influence of western culture , we had put aside many of our above important core values and have become a slave to the current ones , where elders and sick are considered liability to the society , Dalal street dictates our day to day living conditions , poor and down trodden are nothing but commodities that are to be exploited by the so-called rich in society , women are nothing but an object of enjoyment and ridicule for men , no respect or concern for the feelings of people around and everything has to be handled only for the benefit of oneself , no sense of values for a joint family life with a sense of give and take policy etc.

          For any country’s growth , profit and excellence in services and goods are very important .We being , an agriculture based nation , are supposed to give importance to people and not profit alone. If people , who are our best resources are properly motivated , then profits would come automatically along with growth.

          In a lighter sense , we should give importance to PEG ( People , Excellence and Growth ) instead of the westernized PEG ( Profit , Excellence and Growth ) .

          Here the right type of education at childhood would play a vital role in changing the pattern of thinking. Apart from this , the youth in parliament , who could contribute their might in bringing the required change in thinking , among the leaders’ mind , with whom they interact day in and day out ,also play a major role . It is a welcome change to see many youth coming forward to offer their selfless services to the country . Such young leaders , should have a determined mind to play their catalyst role inside the parliament effectively . For this they have to have high moral values , positive attitude , God fearing , who gives a greater emphasis to their own conscience and having a great will power to effect the required change . It should not be for a cheap popularity or making a comfortable living . Public interest should be placed before the interest of self. Then they conspicuously raise themselves above the rest as great , noble and accepted leaders. 

          While it is easily narrated in few lines here , for a great nation like ours , it is not an easy task to make it work. But can be done and let us do it. We require number of Mahatmas to bring in this change. Here public also should play their respective , responsible role in doing some proactive constructive work at their own grass root level without any selfish motive . Once a proper synergy is obtained , it would not be a difficult task for India to emerge back once again , as a nation with high moral values and ethos and enjoy the position of respect in the modern world.

          If the above are not given an important consideration , days are not far off , when India would once again be dictated by the outsiders , who are waiting for such a fall and surely Bapuji would not forgive us and would also be shedding blood through his eyes , from where ever he is now.

          Let us hope , we do not yield to such a situation . We still have , people like Dr. Abdul Kalam in our midst , who could play the required catalyst role at a very senior level , for our emancipation from the western and outside influence .
God save India.
Jai Hind !


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