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March 24, 2011 / subramanyam

Mr. Subbu…………………………………….Why do you write?:-)

Heres an excerpt from “The Fountain Head” by Ayn Rand. Out of boredom, I re-visited the book and was opening pages randomly and reading…. Found this particular passage particularly apt to me

Scene: The first conversation between Peter Keating and Dominique Francon.


Keating: ….Why do you write if you have nothing you want to say?

Dominique: To have something to do. Something more disgusting than many other things I could do. And more amusing.

Keating: Come on, thats not a good reason.

Dominique: I never have any good reasons.

Keating: But you must be enjoying your work?

Dominique: Iam. Don’t you see that I am?


Hmm, so now I have a documented answer to anyone who asks me – “Why do you write at all?”


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