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March 23, 2011 / subramanyam

Let the Libyan people win.

            I am unable to understand the interest of the western nation  and NATO in the affairs of Libya. They say they want to bring justice to the Libyans and want to free them from the Gaddafi’s rule. IF so , why were you guys mum for the last 43 years and why are you taking up the cudgels now?

          When the U.S and other coalition forces did not get involved in Tunisia and Egypt why are they involved in Libya ? what is motivating them to go there ? Why not respect the sovereignty of Libya and let the people of Libya decide what’s best for them.

          Well I am not a `supporter of Gaddafi’ , I too want him to go ,but he should leave the way the Tunisian President  and the president of Egypt left , it must be due to the internal agitations and pressure from the public , it should not be by military operations. This is what I feel.

          Moreover when I look the revolutions in the Arab street , one thing I notice is that after the revolution it is only anarchy , Tunisia which was the mother of the revolutions in Arab Street still does not have promised elections and the new Government. The situation Egypt is not much different. So I believe  democracy should return to these nations at the earliest so that the purpose of the revolutions is served.


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