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March 15, 2011 / subramanyam

God bless Japan

             With their cities in shatters , their hospitals running out of food and supplies , bodies washing ashore on a regular basis and with nuclear reactors exploding in succession one can only imagine the pain and the trauma the Japanese are going through.

          Tough times indeed, otherwise how can one explain an 8.9 intense earth quake followed by a tsunami and now a nuclear crisis? Oh God!  It’s too much for any nation to take.

          Sitting here and writing this stuff, I am feeling bad ,guilt, pain ……I cannot even describe the what this feeling is , one thing I know is that i feeling bad that I am not there to help the people. All  I am able to do is pray , I can only pray that the humanitarian and the economic loss stay at minimum levels possible.

          I have faith in the Japanese,they were the guys who made their country Asia’s largest economy after the disastrous second world war. We all know what happened back then and we know how that resilient country fought back . I wish they do it again. God willing, the country overcomes these crises and gets back on the path of progress. I pray that day comes very soon.


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