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February 20, 2011 / subramanyam

Helping Kashmiri Migrants

        There are some Kashmiri families who came all the way from Baramulla and are taking shelter in Hyderabad. These families lost their near and dear in the terrorist attacks, they left their homes and ran away fearing for their lives. Currently they (about 800 people) are living in tents near Falaknuma Railway station in Hyderabad.

I am against putting the pics of Displaced , but could not control the kids.

         They have been here for about a month or so. Local’s are  rendering their help in the small ways possible. The government is also chipping in, but currently these people are facing tough challenges.

          By God’s grace, in the last week we(people from Thomson ODC @ Mahindra Satyam) visited them twice and did some help. In all (both visits combined) we distributed about 500 kilos of rice   300 kilograms of Atta, some 3 tins of oil, some 130 kilos of pulses and some 100 kilos of potatoes. But as you would all know, all this is very very small when it comes to helping 800 people.

Some more relief material we gave

This is an appeal from my side to all people who are in Hyderabad to come forward and help these people.

These people have got assistance from J&K government and they are travelling back in batches from March 1st to March 5th. Request you to provide any assistance possible.



You can contact Mr.Shah @8008087706(he is one of the migrants) so he might guide you better and get you the details of what they want.

                Thank you.

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  1. Sasi Kiran / Feb 6 2014 1:14 pm

    I was approached by a few Kashmiri youngsters today seeking financial help. They said that they live at the Kashmir relief camp near Falaknuma railway station. It was sad to see these youngsters (may be in their teens or early twenties) going around town asking for help at an age when they should be working to make their careers. I congratulate your team for offering your help and hope that they will be able to go back home soon.


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