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January 7, 2011 / subramanyam

United A.P. Vs Separate Telangana —- A Solution

               The much awaited  Justice Sri Krishna Committee report (on the situations of A.P.) is out and it suggests some six alternatives to the Government of India .Of these six the suggestions 4,5,6 need are practical and the Government needs to give a serious thought to them . This is what the Committee says .

                Frankly speaking I expected the committee to be more concrete in the proposals .I thought that the committee would recommend a single solution than the multitude of options it gave. Well they are all learned people and they know what’s good and what’s not? Hence we need to take their recommendations seriously.

                I think (not really really sure though) that the three options under consideration are

               1.  Telangana and Seemandhra being two states and Hyderabad being a union territory.

               2.  Telangana with Hyderabad as the capital and Seemandhra as one state.

               3.  United A.P. as it is today with special regional development boards for Telangana area.  

              Option 2 is what the people and leaders of Telangana want.Are they providing a conclusive argument for it or not is a separate question, but the sure thing is they would always be against the first and the third options. The people from coastal A.P. and Rayala Seema would want option 3, option 1 might go well with them but option 2 i.e. “Telangana with Hyderabad” would in all cases be unacceptable to them. The people from both the areas are going make life tough for the Government in case their aspirations are not met. The government has already faced the music last year. Hence they might not be foolhardy this time. The political equations and the vote bank calculations are going to complicate things further. One can imagine the stress the policy makers are going to face when one sees the number of demands that are there for separate states in the country. Any decision on Telangana is going to impact lives in all those states also.

              I have been in Hyderabad for 5 years now,I have got a number of friends who belong to Telangana.I am yet to meet a person from Telangana who does not support a separate Telangana State.Every Telanganite I met till date wants a separate state. Some time they give very very logical arguments and some time what they say is illogical but emotionally they all want Telangana to be a separate state. I do not want to delve deep in to the arguments of pro –Telangana people as I am not that knowledgeable as they are in that subject.  

             Moreover the gap has already come in the minds of people ,today people either identify themselves as Andhra person or as Telangana person. When mental inclinations and afflictions differ keeping people together only increases the rift. People will start developing hatred for each other and politicians will make the most of the situations. Already we are seeing people(commoners) fighting over this issue so keeping the people together will only enhance the gap between them.I would rather say people are already cutoff mentally and emotionally making them stay together by force is not advisable.

            Coming from the north coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh, I know the poverty there, any analyst and any  survey would tell you that the Srikakulam and Vizianagram districts are among the poorest and undeveloped  districts in A.P. In my recent visit to my native I was interacting with the people there and they were all wanting United A.P. When I asked for reasons I found out that all of them had the same fear. Losing Hyderabad would mean losing jobs. A number of people both skilled and unskilled migrate to Hyderabad for a livelihood. I too am such a migrant only.

             It is said (not verified) that today Hyderabad contributes almost about up to 40% of A.P’s revenue. Hyderabad was not that developed before the Chandrababu Naidu era in A.P. in the last 15 years the city made giant strides and today it is an Ivy League city in the country. The contribution of Seemandhra people to the development of Hyderabad cannot be ignored. Chandrababu Naidu and RajaSekhara reddy, 2 CM’s who contributed immensely to the development of the city come from Rayalaseema region of A.P. only. The very fact that 33 lakh people migrated to this city (in the last decade) from other parts of A.P. would speak volumes about the city and the pace of development here. People from all parts of A.P worked towards this and today losing this city would be suicidal for seemandhra people. They contributed immensely towards the growth and made huge investments here and today if they lose this to Telangana and become foreigners in their own land the pain is humongous.

            Well supporters of Telangana can always say that , as per law , as per the constitution one can live anywhere in the country and also ask the question like when Telugu’s can live in Bangalore and Chennai why can’t they live in Hyderabad after Telangana has been formed. My answer “if the words, actions and behavior of TRS and KCR are any proof it means Hyderabad is unsafe for people from other areas.” The entire A.P witnessed what the goons from TRS did, a couple of years ago the TRS guys broke the nameplates of a majority of the Andhra Hotels in Hyderabad and wanted the names to be changed. The word Andhra Hotel was offending them.KCR went on record telling that he would close down junior colleges run by Andhra people. Then KCR calls Andhrites are traitors and call many of them names. The very word “settlers” which TRS uses for people who migrated to Hyderabad is demeaning. How do you expect Seemandhra people to stay here when you use such demeaning language?Whats the guarantee that violence of 1969 will not return ? How will they feel secure in a city where are branded as “settlers”?

           So to conclude from the argument I gave above, I feel option 1 having a separate Telangana and a Separate Andhra would be beneficial in this case Hyderabad should be made a union territory and the revenues from Hyderabad should be shared between both the states in a ratio which is acceptable to both .This should be done for fixed period of time till both the states have stabilized themselves, say a 10-15 year time frame might always be good. People in Hyderabad might welcome this as their safety and business interests are safeguarded. Yes, this solution will stir movements in both the areas(Telangana and Seemandhra) people from Telangana will go up in arms against this proposal but as a chunk of revenues from Hyderabad would go towards Telangana they can always make good use of the funds and develop a new capital city and some new irrigation projects. Same is the case for seemandhra people also. I think this way people in both areas will have a chance to develop new cities, create new jobs, safeguard their interests, start afresh and become prosperous. Though this would increase the distance between people in the immediate future this solution will unite people from both regions in the days to come. The political class will have to work heavily for this , they need to explain the benefits and make people accept the good in this solution or again A.P. would be drawn in to the quagmire . Hope people of A.P. understand the benefits of this solution and welcome it.


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