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December 20, 2010 / subramanyam

Lessons from Orange


I watched Orange(Telugu) movie yesterday. Nice movie, the point the director wanted to drive was very very good. The topic this movie brings out for discussion is excellent.

          The movie asks harsh questions, the hero who does not like complicating his life by telling lies, asks these harsh questions and brings in the harsh reality that any relationship (love) will lose steam and intensity over a period of time. He goes on to prove that the couple will be forced to tell lies to each other and at times they’ll feel like they are actually losing themselves for the sake of the other person.Hence he concludes that love has a fixed time frame and people stop loving each other after certain point of time.

          Well I feel he hits the nail on the head. Yeah the day you feel that your partner is not letting you live the way you want, you feel you are losing your freedom; you’ll repel and the initial nagging slowly paves way for separation/divorce. Harsh facts but this is truth. Honestly each one us (leaving a quite few great exceptions) love ourselves more than anyone else. Yes, this is true. None of us can really accept this when we read this sort of statements, but when we are in a true situation this self-love comes out. When we feel we are losing our basic things we put up a fight, nag and sometimes when we are too weak to do either we curse ourselves for getting into and continuing that relationship. The initial romance, love and all the good times simply disappear into this air, that day; the rage, the anger inside , makes you forget all the good things that happened to both of you from the day the relationship started. 

          Is separation the only way out? Isn’t there anything else? I would say no, Separation/divorce are not the ones that should be encouraged. The endeavor should be to keep people together. Only then we can save the institution of family. The first thing here is true love.One of my friends ,Sai, says  true love never expects anything from the person you love , we should be able to love the person unconditionally , somewhat very much similar to the mothers love for her child .This a statement I concur completely with. No doubt it is very very tough but that must our north star when we fall in love, we need to love a person for what he/she is , when we love the merits we should also love the imperfections in them. Tough, very tough because familiarity breeds contempt, but you need to go the extra mile for your loved one; otherwise what’ the use of getting into a relationship??? Second thing a marriage or a relationship itself means one is losing a part one’s self and is filling that place with one’s partner. In my view one should feel happy and take pride in giving as much as one can in a relationship than cry about the space one has lost.

          I am afraid if I filled the article with my opinions than discussing what was shown in the movie. The fourth paragraph in this article is completely my opinion. The movie handles this in a different way. Please do watch this movie it has a great message .I agree the depiction could have been better but do watch it .I am sure it’ll make you think.



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