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December 11, 2010 / subramanyam

Jai Ho JP

     When Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) demanded that the cases against the students who were a part of last year’s separate state agitation should be withdrawn, almost everyone supported him. The leader of opposition seconded , BJP and the commies too towed the same line.Prajarajyam’s Chiru also did not have any thing new to offer. AIMIM’s leader of the house Akbaruddin went a little ahead and wanted the cases against the youth who were involved in communal violence in the city.We know on whom he wants the cases to be lifted.

    O.k lets get into the background of this.Last year when the Telangana movement was in full swing, a lot of students spearheaded the movement in both the Telangana and Seemandhra areas of A.P. While some students were involved in peaceful protests a section of them took the law into their hands and perpetrated a few crimes. So this discussion in the A.P. assembly today was to remove the cases against all the students. 

    It was only JaiPrakash Narayan, the lone MLA from Lok satta who spoke some sense in the house. He asked the house and Government to send out a strong a message to the public and the unscrupulous elements. He added that while minor cases can be withdrawn the  ones with serious implications such as rioting  and the ones related to collecting money should not be let away with.

    TRS is making a big issue of this, the students in Osmania University are also protesting , they want these cases to be withdrawn unconditionally ,  but how can anyone withdraw all cases against all the students ? If that happens what is the message that we are giving out? Are we trying to tell that anyone can do anything he likes unde the mask of a student? 

    Yes in a democratic process everyone has a right to protest, everyone has right express his discontent.Telangana and United AP are burning issues.Everyone has his/her emotions and  judgements on this issue,accepted.If you think things are not happening properly ,you have a right to protest. But, remember everybody has a right to live peacefully. No one has a right  to take the law into their hands,no one has got any right to burn buses or destroy any  private or public  property.If one does that he/she should be brought to book .If the government does not  do this ? It is failing in its primary responsibility of protecting law and order. 

    I am happy that JP spoke sense, happy that one voice had the guts to raise above the politics of caste, community, religion and region and spoke for the common good of people, more happy because he represents my constituency and I voted for him in 2009.

Thank you JP.Thanks for speaking sense and thanks


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