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November 30, 2010 / subramanyam

Dollar Bahu

           I read the book “Dollar Bahu” yesterday , and like the previous 3 books of  Sudha Murty , I was able to complete it in a day. Rather I should say I was compelled to complete each of these books on the very day picked them. Sudha Murty’s works are always a pleasure to read, nice books with beautiful plot and strong messages.
          After reading “Gently falls the Bakula ” my expectation was that this book would also have some thing on relationships, family and balancing these with career. Well, this book has all that , but a little less on career. This book deals with one thing “Money”. It’s a wonderful gripping tale on how “Money makes many things” in a family.Superb narration, plain simple English  typical Sudha Murty Style,story revolves around female characters and mind you, not even an iota of feminism and while reading the book you would feel “arey, this could have happened in my family also” or you might laugh and say “Yeah , I know people would be like this. I know ***** who is exactly like this, he/she used to behave just like this whenever they come to India”. Characters are that “real” and the story line is also that gripping.
          The other beautiful thing is that, Sudha Murty talks about two different cultures India and the US in the book and she gives both the respect they deserve. She wonderfully explains us that everything is a package, and everything has a good and a dark side.I loved the way she depicted both the cultures in the book .One thing you can see in almost every book of Sudha Murty is history and Hindu Mythology. This book is no exception, in fact the name of one of the main characters in the book has a strong mythological relevance .
          Again I would say, go and read the book . It’s a very very good book . It definitely has a lesson or two for each and every one of us. “Money is important however one should not get blinded by it.” This is one of the books that drives home this concept wonderfully. I intentionally did not reveal any story line as I do not intend to spoil  your fun while you read this book.


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