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November 27, 2010 / subramanyam

Gently falls the Bakula

 “Gently falls the Bakula ” a wonderful book by Sudha Murthy .

We take things for granted; what’s more we take people for granted. We think our opinions matter the most and we tend to ignore the softer feelings of the person whom we want so much . We feel our life is important, but do we give such respect to lives and choices of the people around us? What happens when we continuously force ourselves and take people for granted? Ever thought of these things? I bet the answers are not going to make us happy .

This book “Gently falls the Bakula” is a real eye opener; I would say each and every couple needs to read this book. The book is about balance in life, relationships and most importantly the choices we make. It illustrates how things can go awry when one neglects one’s relationships and forgets that a good family is the real basis for one’s success.

I loved the way Sudha murthy wrote the book, simple English, no high-flying words and a very strong message. They say Sudha Murhy’s books are woman centric  and you might find this in this book as well .But I somehow felt that she was not at all judgmental about any of the characters. The book leaves us to decide whether a character is good ,bad or ugly .The best thing I liked in the novel was the ending . The ending could not have been better.

I highly recommend this book. Do read it; it would definitely act as a wakeup call .This ending (the ending of the novel) might happen to any one of us, if we are not careful.


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