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November 27, 2010 / subramanyam

And FootBall gives hope.

         Argentina Vs Nigeria @ FIFA World CUP 2010 …. Lionel Messi declared his arrival at the world stage in style , Gabriel Heinze gave Argentina their first goal of the tournament and Argentina won the match 1-0 .But it was neither Messi nor Heinze but Enyeama who was the Man of the Match.The Nigerian Goal keeper earned the award and all the attention from the world for the superb saves he made against the two time world champions .The talent, style and agility of Vincent Enyeama , has impressed people all over the globe.

          Vincent Enyeama is just one of the examples of the talent Africa has got , For years Africa has been producing great footballers who excelled and enriched the game. Today , players from Africa are the biggest assets to many of the top European Football clubs. So how did Africa get there, how did players from the poor African Nations make it to the top ???

          Football might have come to Africa as a part of the colonialism , but today it’s a great force throughout the continent, it unites otherwise warring races, it spreads cheer, brings foreign exchange ,alleviates families out of poverty and gives a hope and opportunity to the poorest of the poor to make it big in their lives. While the natural strength and agility are the God’s gift o the people of this continent , the poverty and their willingness to play even for meager amounts is making the young African players an indispensable and much sough-after commodity for the top clubs of Europe.

          This is opening doors for the talent in Africa to make it big in lives. Today, thousands of boys across Africa dream of leaving their lives of poverty to play football in Europe. They wish to be the next Mahamadou Diarra’s (with Real Madrid) ,Samuel Eto’o’s (with Inter Milan) and Didier Drogba’s (Captain FC Chelsea.).They see football as a way out of poverty, work hard, get trained and well make it to the top.         

A make shift football

            These guys don’t even get good facilities, most of the time these guys play with bare feet. They won’t even have a proper ball, be it a ball made   of plastic bags with string wrapped around it, or a ball made of crumpled paper. As long as it can be kicked, there will be a game. Now it’s you turn to think and imagine how a goal post would look like :-).But that’s the passion and dedication behind the 1000+ top -class African football players playing for the top clubs of the Europe . Well, there are some football academies also which support the talented lot of this continent. In some of the academies, food and shelter are training are provided free of cost and the talent is fostered. These academies make money when these players get contracts from the European Clubs.

          Well, all is not well with the players from Africa, Every African player that’s any good wants to make it to Europe Clubs, while some become Samuel Eto’o Fils, and Mahamadou Diarra’s many others end up playing for with smaller clubs in the European countries. Worse, many more fall into the hands of false agents and end up as illegal immigrants in Europe. There are a number of youngsters who fell prey to unlicensed agents , sold out everything they had in Africa to pay the

Drogbas in making

2000-3000 Euros  required to make it to Europe and then found themselves duped, penniless and stranded in the streets of big cities like Paris. Currently the football federations and the human right forums are taking a serious note of these things and are trying to come out with a policy to check this sort of illegal activities.

          But nothing, practically nothing can put brakes of the passion and the indomitable spirit of the Africans. They love football and are ready to go to any extremes for it . This game gives them joy and the hope to make it big in their lives.

          Waiting for a Day when we in India can do an Africa when it comes to football. We too have a large resource pool in our rural areas , one needs to popularize the game and provide a hope to the people that this game would take them places .then probably in the long run we too might do an Africa. Let’s hope that day is no very very far away.


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