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October 17, 2010 / subramanyam

One wonderful person I met.

          I was shopping for my watch straps the other day . I went to this Timex watch service center at Somajiguda circle. I just picked up straps of my choice and asked him to put them for my watch . Once they were put I handed over my credit card for payment . The shop keeper swiped the card and got an error on his machine after few trials we came to know that the card got expired already .I mistakenly brought my old HSBC card instead of the new one. Embarrassed I removed the watch from my hand and asked the shop keeper so that he can remove the new straps and put my old ones again . He took my watch and asked his assistant to remove the straps.

          In a split of the second he again asked his assistant to stop and handed back the watch to me . “Sir , looking at you I feel like trusting you ,I am a person who believes in honesty . Please take the watch and  pay me back the money tomorrow . ”   This was all he said handing the watch back to me. “But …. We are complete strangers …”I began to say. “In that case please give me your phone number …..I ‘ll call you tomorrow  after 11.30  A.M incase I do not get payment” he said.

         I wrote down my mobile number  and handed it to him. The next day I waited till 7.30 p.m. just to see if he calls me for the money . I did not get any call at 7.30 p.m I visited his shop and him the 500  rupees I had to give him .While paying back he was smiling and saying , thank you not for the money but for the honesty …

         Great to have such people even today . My salutations to all those people who believe in the human spirit and Ideals that guide Humanity .

(this incident happened in 2009)


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