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May 31, 2016 / subramanyam

The forgotten limbs of India…

One of the best speeches I have heard from Tarek Fatah.  He speaks about India, the civilization of Sindh, how Sindh and Hind are inseparable and how Indians need to have a change in mindset when it comes to Sindh.  He speaks about the losses this nation has had to suffer because of the partition.  This is one of the very good speeches that were delivered on India. Do listen to it.

May 5, 2016 / subramanyam

Everything You Wanted to Know About Augusta WestLand

Nominating Dr.Subramanyam Swamy to Rajya Sabha might have been a very thought of move by the government.  This untiring crusader against corruption made a rocking entry in the Rajya Sabha and is laying facts threadbare.

The recent Judgment delivered by the Italian Court has spilled trouble for the politicians from The Indian National Congress.   Since Sonia Gandhi’s name came up in this people from this party are up in arms and seem to be rattled.  However, Dr. Swamy being Dr.Swamy has no place for all the niceties in the world and he is calling a spade a spade.

There was a debate regarding Augusta in the parliament and Dr. Swamy took part in this from BJP.  In his 30 minute speech, he spoke about the idea behind acquiring the helicopters, the way it started under Shri Vajapayee ji’s govt, the way things changes after 2004 when UPA took over. He spoke about the way NDA under Vajapayee ji did not buy helicopters when there was a single vendor.  He then spoke about the way UPS changed the rules to suit Augusta Westland in 2006.

He spoke about the various irregularities that took place in this deal.  The field trials were done on another chopper, the specification for the cabin height was increased to help Augusta, the specification regarding the height at which the chopper was supposed to fly was also changed to suit Augusta etc.. He then spoke about the money transfer that took place and gave the details of the bribes.  Then he even went on speak about the media management that was done in this case.  All in all an awesome speech by Dr.Swamy. Do watch it.

April 16, 2016 / subramanyam

Buddha in a Traffic Jam — My take

Imagine, just picture this,  you are a student in one of the ivy league colleges in India.  You were born and brought up in a metro city with a focus on a career. Your dream has always been to excel in studies and have a great corporate career.  Now, given this background what is the probability that you would know about Dandakaranya and lives of the people over there ? Minimal (close to zero) isn’t it ? Now, what is the probability that the tribal in Dandakaranya might even know that a metropolitan city exists and the people there have a plethora of opportunities to make it big in their lives. Again zero isn’t it ?  The Irony of the matter is that these people live with in 700 kilometers of each other and still do not know that each other exist.

Now, what if a master storyteller weaves a story that touches the lives of both these people? Interesting, wouldn’t it be?  I saw a movie that depicted the lives of both these people in it and this post is about my feelings on that movie. Here is the trailer of the movie.

Buddha in a traffic Jam brings these both extremes of the society.  In the heartland of the tribals, we have these self-declared revolutionaries who say that they are fighting for the rights of the tribals. They try to make the tribals believe that they are trying to bring in a revolution that would solve all the problems of India.  In the ivy league institutes, we have the professors who try teach the other set of Indians as to how to tackle the problems of the real world.  In a way, both these communities have people who are there to guide them and make them realize their dreams.  Now, are these revolutionaries and the professors doing what they are supposed to? What do these people have in their mind ?  What are their ideologies?  How does it impact the tribals and students?  What would be the final outcome of the battle ? Watch the picture on the big screen to get the answers.

What did I like in the movie ?

I loved the way the director tried to bring the movie pretty close to the reality. I loved the way he blended the parallel stories.  On one hand we have an India that is aspirational, resplendent, uses technology to the maximum possible level  and is making the world dance to its tunes. On the other hand there is another India that does not even have access to the bare minimum necessities of life.  It takes a lot of skill and effort to tie the knots together and blend these two parallel stories into one.  The director displayed his genius in


Vivek Agnihotri –The director of the Movie

putting all the pieces together.

They say that a genius has a free spirit.  It is in the nature of the free spirit to bring the facts out and  ask tough questions.  Vivek questions the existing narrative and outlines the facts threadbare in this movie and I liked that part.

What did I not like ?

There were too many expletives in the movie.  That made me little uncomfortable. I felt that the excessive smoking and drinking too could have been done away with.  These are the only things I can complain of.


We live in times where politics and art are inseparable.  A medium like Cinema is extremely important as it helps people control the narrative.  People of a particular ideology have been controlling the narrative all the while and today the movie industry gives us a certain viewpoint on poverty and people who are fighting on the behalf of the poor.  You would rarely see a movie that speaks about the stats of the Naxal violence and the dark underbelly of the Maoists.

To question the narrative and expose these China worshippers takes humongous courage, Vivek Agnihotri  has done this in his movie.  He also tried to show us as to how these radicals have infiltrated into the systems and the way the nation is paying a price for it.   He silently makes us aware of the ideological war that is going on and the need for the nation to re-examine its strategies as it charts out a path for itself.

Do watch the movie, every penny you spend on the movie and every moment you spend watching it are worth it.Do watch it.  This is a movie you must not  miss.

P.S. : I watched the premiere of the movie in a workshop.  The movie is going to hit the theaters in a few days.

April 7, 2016 / subramanyam

The Madurai Sultanate :: My Take

Madurai Sultanate ?? I have never heard of one, when did this exist?  This was the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw the following tweet from Sai Swaroopa.  I had the book in the next 10 minutes on my kindle and here is what I feel about the book.

The Madurai Sultanate

Unknown to many,  a sultanate existed in Madurai for a very brief period, probably 4 decades.  It failed to make its impact on the canvas of the world as it was a victim of one palace coup after the other and saw as many as 8 rulers in the short span of 40 years.  The rulers harbored such hatred towards the majority Hindus that they were impaled and killed en masse for no reason.   These factors too contributed to the decline of the Sultanate.

The author Sandeep Balakrishna starts by giving us a glimpse of the situation in south India in the 13th and 14th Centuries and speaks about the conditions that prevailed during that time.  He has done extensive research on this subject and speaks about Pandyans, Cholas, Cheras, the Kakatiyas and the Hoysalas of that day.   The succession battles , the lack of unity in the Hindu Kingdoms and the way they failed in stopping the armies of Uluq Khan and Malik Kafur were very well portrayed.

Then the author speaks about the way the Sultans in Delhi squandered the wealth they got from the south and the way their dominions started declaring Independence.  Madurai Sultanate was one such offshoot.  The author then goes on describe the way the rulers ruled the kingdom and the way they behaved with the other kingdoms in the south.   He speaks about the angst in the subjects, the frequent fights with the other kingdoms and the palace coups that plagued the sultanate.  He then proceeds to tell as to how that small sultanate became history with the advent of the Vijayanagar empire.

While the core subject of the book is history, the author does not speak about history alone, he portrays  the way the Hindu kings brought trouble upon themselves and failed to learn from the attacks that came from the Sultans of Delhi.  The accounts of Vira Bhallala, Pratapadura and Kampilanayaka portray the way in which strong Hindu Kings made strategic mistakes and lost it all.  I liked the message the author gave here.

When we look at it without any bias the Madurai Sultanate stands as an example as to how a state should not be governed.   These guys pressed  the  self-destruction button a little quickly and rather unknowingly.  You cannot torture your subjects and expect to rule for a long time.  This was brought in a very good manner by the author.

My  sincere thanks to Sandeep Balakrishna for bringing this book out.

Do pick the book, it is short and is  good for a quick read. It has got a lot of facts about South Indian history and is a real eye opener.   Do read it when you have time,  happy reading.

March 30, 2016 / subramanyam

India needs freedom —- from Inefficiency,Mediocrity and Incompetence

This perhaps is the best speech I have ever heard from a film director.  I was able to connect to each and every word of his speech.  India needs to  grow economically, the per capita income of every Indian needs to rise, India needs to create professionals who excel at their job and create wealth for the nation.

Indians have spoken enough about poverty, it’s time the young Indians work on eradicating. How do we do this, a nation that celebrates mediocrity is bound to be poor.  There are forces in the country that shed tears at poverty but do nothing to eradicate it.  What’s worse is the fact these people stop the rest from moving forward, in the name of socialism, in the name of social justice and equality for all these people actually try and crush the aspirations and dreams of the young people.

I did not expect these points to be raised by a film director.  Happy that there is a film that is made to highlight all this.  Here is what the director spoke at the film premier.

Here is the trailer of the movie.  I am waiting for this movie to be released.

Hope the film would be as good as the trailer.

Jai Hind.

February 15, 2016 / subramanyam


A few days ago,  I and my wife were near the DLF signal in GachiBowli Hyderabad.  We were waiting for the signal to turn green so that we can cross it.  We were waiting at the signal line and the footpath that is designated for the pedestrians to cross was just in front of us. It being a Sunday there was not much of traffic and we were enjoying the winter sun.

A few moments later  a Pulsar bike stopped beside us, there were 3 men on the bike (triple riding).  Looking at them one can make out that they were having a good time.  Their loud peels of laughter indicated that they were cracking jokes.

In a few moments we had the alarm that indicates that it would our turn next.  This sound is an indication that the pedestrians need to cross over and the vehicles would get a green in a few seconds.  Then we had this lady who was huffing and puffing her way infront of us. She wanted to cross the road in those few allotted  seconds and thanks to her weight she had to run across the road to make it in time.

These guys who were beside us on the Pulsar were making disgusting comments on her. “Hey babe , you can make it come on” , “It just a little over weight baby else you look great”, “Oh, its operator overloading on your knees, don’t put so much pressure on them etc ..”.

By the time she made it to the other end, we had got the green light.  I and my wife somehow stayed back to the corner of the road and were watching the lady. She turned back and gave sad look at the boys, the pulsar had already sped by that time.

The look on the lady’s face unsettled me.  Who are we to call a person fat ?  Does any one invite obesity into his or life?  People put on weight for various reasons, harmonal imbalance, stress eating , the aftermath of  pregnancy etc… Obesity in itself serves a big blow to the  self confidence of a person. Who are we to increase the pain of the person who is already suffering ?  Who knows the person whom we call fat might be the person who spends hours and hours trying to cut down his/her weight.  Who are we to attach labels and make fun of people ?

As it is rightly said , No one understands the pain of others till  they walk a mile in others shoes.


February 14, 2016 / subramanyam

Can you Vacate it ? Please …

Vacate the Bunglow , Please … These seem to be the words that are making rounds through the bunglows in Luytens, New Delhi.    The Modi Sarkar has issued to notices to many  people who are over staying in their plum bungalows/spacious apartments in the prominent posh localities of  New Delhi.   These people have over stayed in the accommodation given to them by the Government of India.  The government has given them the bungalows for a time period of 3 and in some cases 5 years, however, some of these people have been staying in these bungalows/ apartments for decades now.  Modi Sarkar is trying to put an end to the misuse of the Government’s property and hence the door was shown to many of these people. Among st the  people who have been asked to vacate the bungalows/apartments are  ex-parliamentarians,  ex-ministers and  artists.

Why is the government doing that ?

Normally the government provides accommodation to all the MP’s and Ministers. This is expected as  the national capital is the place of work for all MP’s and Ministers.  However, when the Lok Sabha term is over it is only natural that these people should hand over the house/bungalow back to the government so that fresh allocations can be made.  However, this is not happening and the government is being forced to send eviction notices to them.

Here is a case where an MP’s plea was turn down by the supreme court.

What have the artistes got to do with this?

The Government allots bungalows to artistes for a 3 year period.  Some of them are staying in those accommodations for decades now.  Case in point is the famous painter Jatin Das (fahter of the famous actress Nandita Das)  who is staying in his government allotted house for almost 26 years now.   There are cases where the artistes who took the bungalows/apartments have died and their children are using it.  Here is the link that throws more light into this.

Some even allege that these evictions were one of the main reasons for the intolerance debate that came up last year. Read this brilliant piece on Media Crooks.  This speaks about the powerful IIC lobby (IIC — India International Center) and the way they control the things in the country.

Here is another report on this matter.

To Conclude, aren’t these people supposed to be leading the world by example, isn’t it the moral responsibility of the people to vacate the bungalows/apartments once the term is over.  Isn’t it wrong for them to live on the tax payer money ? Well,  I too might be branded intolerant for asking all these questions.


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